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Visualise Yourself Slim – Workshop

AdobeStock_113528849-minLearn How to Visualise Yourself Slim

You drive your car from the inside and you always have your destination in mind before you set off. Imagine attempting to drive a car from the outside, or even setting off on a journey without a destination in mind.  When you learn how to visualise yourself slim you’ll be firmly in the driving seat.

Whenever you go on a ‘diet’ it’s like attempting to drive your car from the outside.  Added to that, most people just, ‘go on a diet,’ without any destination in mind.  That’s the equivalent of just ‘going on a journey,’ in your car; all you’d do is go round and round and round.  No wonder the majority of diets don’t work. Learn how to get back into the driving seat using visualization.

Visualise Yourself Overweight v Visualise Yourself Slim

You may think that you are overweight because you eat too much, and you’d be right of course, but what if you could see the problem in another way. What if you eat too much because your own self-image sees you as overweight?  However you see yourself, in your imagination, is a blueprint you are giving constantly to the part of you that runs your body. Give it a mental picture of an overweight you and it will give you all the conditions necessary to have it.

Is it possible to change it all by changing your mind? Join us on this amazing three week workshop to find out. Includes three visualization MP3’s.

Dates: Tuesday 26th September – Tuesday 3rd October & Tuesday 10th October

Time: 7pm – 9pm………Venue: Luckes Whole Food Café ……..Investment: £87

Places are limited & booking is essential. Please enquire in Luckes or ring Christine directly on 01243 699646

Alternatively Book here today.