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Telephone Therapy Sessions

Telephone Therapy Sessions – Therapy over the Phone

Telephone Therapy

Many forms of therapy can be conducted by telephone or by Skype.  In these modern times with our busy lifestyles opting for telephone therapy sessions can save both time and money and can be just as successful as working in the same room and face to face.

You may live too far away to travel or may find family restrictions mean you are unable to spend time away from home.  If so therapy by phone is a viable alternative.  It can be just as effective, if not more effective than face to face appointments.

The ability to access therapy over the phone by having telephone therapy sessions is an immense plus for people.  It is a way to access help for specific issues when you need it most, without having to go to the trouble of researching, getting referrals, making appointments, taking time off, travelling, disrupting the family routine, and plus, it’s easier on the finances.

When working with clients over the phone we usually use a combination of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Metaphysics.  Once you learn EFT, you will be able to work on yourself for FREE and in a matter of seconds!

EFT is a great self help way to relax and feel better.

Before the session you will receive all the information you need by email, including the tapping points and how and why EFT works. We will then work through your issue during the session.

To make an appointment contact me by email or phone and you can pay for your session on-line before the appointment.

The kinds of issues that can be addressed using telephone therapy are:

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Here’s What Sonia M of London said after a telephone EFT session with Christine:

Hi Christine

Wanted to say thank you for the superb session on Tues – it was incredible and out of this world!

I offer a free initial 30 minute session where we can discuss your problem and you can decide whether you would like to work with me. Give me a ring to arrange an appointment.
Telephone: 01243 699646 or 07747 865982

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