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Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is a system that uncovers and releases trapped emotions.  Many of these emotions have been trapped since childhood; some from our time in the womb or during the birth process.  Well before we could rationalize we were subject to emotions.  If the emotions became trapped, for whatever reason, they create problems throughout life.  It is the belief of Dr Bradley Nelson, the developer of The Emotion Code, that all illness is due to trapped emotions.

Many people carry this emotional baggage around with them, and as the years progress the burden gets heavier and heavier.  We have, all of us, suffered innumerable instances of emotional pain.  Many times, we have done nothing with it apart from push it down, in the hope it will go away but it never does.  In fact, we become so good at hiding it and ignoring it that we often don’t even know of it’s existence.

The Emotion Code – Heart Walls

We build walls around our hearts to prevent us from being hurt and while they may stop a little pain, they stop us from feeling love.  Nearly everyone has a heart wall and some of them are so thick, so defended that it’s impossible to attract love, or allow love in.  At the slightest hint of pain the walls go up.  Then the defenses make us push away anyone who tries to get close.  They can block people from love and happiness and make them feel disconnected from others.

Trapped emotions can cause depression and anxiety, they can lead to panic attacks and a whole range of mental and physical illness.  Releasing the emotions doesn’t heal the body, the release leaves the body able to heal itself.  The release of the trapped emotions or the Heart Wall makes conditions right for the body to heal, physically, emotionally and mentally. The Emotion Code work can help you to free of your emotional baggage, lightening your load for good.

It usually takes three sessions to completely clear a heart wall.  Book all  three at once and pay only £180 in total.

3 Body Code/Emotion Code sessions, just you and me. We can clear trapped emotions, work on your heart-wall, do subconscious mind work or get to the bottom of other issues you may be having.

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The Emotion Code – Finding the Trapped Emotions

We find the trapped emotions using something called muscle testing.  Muscle testing is based on the theory that when a person is asked a question, the person can consciously lie and give a false answer.  However, the subconscious/the body, cannot tell a lie and always gives a true answer.  This is how the lie detector test works, it picks up the minute changes in the body when a lie is told.

When something isn’t true, the body’s energy system goes weak and a truth keeps the system strong.  Your arm, if held out and made to resist pressure could resist it easily if you said my name is…………..and you spoke, out loud, your real name.  Conversely if you said my name is……………and you told a lie your arm would weaken and it would be unable to resist the same pressure as before.

Using questions that can be answered by either a yes or a no, we delve down into history, like physic detectives, finding and releasing imbalances that could be preventing you from success, from being slim or from being happy and healthy.

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