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The Body Code

The Body Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson

The Body Code What if the Body Code could give you the ability to find out what was making you sick, holding you back, ruining your relationships, or making you make the same mistakes over and over again?  What if you could find the root of the problem and remove it, instead of just treating the symptoms?

Then you could heal the way that nature intended, from the inside out.  Once the root cause is found and removed it leaves you free to heal, physically, emotionally and mentally.  The Body Code has the ability to help you to do all of that.

The Body Code includes The Emotion Code and Heart Wall removal, but goes further and deeper by identifying and addressing a variety of imbalances.  Even inherited imbalances can be identified and removed.

The deeper part of you, the part that runs, and is in charge of your body, knows exactly when, where, why, and how all your problems began.  It holds all the answers you need to help it, and you, function in health, harmony and happiness.   The Body Code, combined with the proven techniques of muscle testing can help to unlock all of its secret information.

Why is this information secret?

Consciously you may have no idea what event, trauma, or decision created your problems.  You have no idea where in the body, the energy of emotional events got trapped, causing health issues, unhappiness, money problems, or issues with weight for instance.    It’s not that the subconscious part of your mind is deliberately keeping things from you, although this does sometimes happen when an event is too traumatic.  Instead, it occurs because the two parts of mind work in different ways.  The conscious part of your mind is logical; it uses language to reason things out.  The subconscious uses symbols and feelings.

Your deeper mind is like a computer, it’s registered everything that has ever happened to you, and it knows what decisions and conclusions you made when events occurred.  When negative events occur the negative emotions that accompany them become trapped in the body, causing imbalances, distortions and even disconnections.  These can prevent the body from naturally healing.  Removing the distortions doesn’t heal the body; rather it removes the impediments to healing.

How can The Body Code help to remove the problem?

A skilled practitioner intuitively knows the right kinds of questions to ask the body.  Then, using muscle testing, to ascertain whether the question is true, or false, we can get the body to give up its secrets.  The Body Code system itself enables us to check every part of the body, emotional, mental and physical.  Once we find imbalances, of any kind, and in any place we remove them using magnet technology.

Using the Body Code we can address health imbalances… from the smallest issue to the biggest problems.  We can help you to discover what is holding you back and how to break through abundance blocks in your life.  The Body Code can help you find real, lasting happiness… even if you have always felt like something is missing.

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The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code can be used to identify, and then release, trapped emotions.  Trapped emotions are disruptive emotional energies from negative past events or beliefs.  These emotions can create mayhem in people’s lives and once released the body can heal on it’s own.  The Body Code goes into even more detail.

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