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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – EFT Tapping

Obsessive Compulsive DisorderIs there a cure for OCD?  That’s a question you may have asked many times if you are a sufferer.  If you suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) could become a valuable aid to becoming free.  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is learned behavior and all learned behavior can be altered and overcome using effective methods like EFT.

EFT does not work on the behavior itself but rather on the compulsive urge that precedes the behavior.  The compulsive urge is an energy pattern and EFT is an energy therapy.  EFT becomes a tool that can effectively calm the compulsive urge and can also be used to instill new behaviors.

With any addictive behavior, or indeed any problem, the whole focus is on the problem.  The person with the problem tries the fight it, they do what they can to resist it, they actively hate it, they try to stop it and beat themselves up for having it.  None of this works.  If it did you would have given up the behavior by now surely!

The only way to overcome a problem, any problem, is to change the pattern.  If you’ve tried everything else without success EFT could be the answer.  EFT is dubbed Acupuncture for the emotions, without the needles, and the compulsive urge is an emotional response to something.

Compulsive behavior is usually a result of irrational fears, which nevertheless seem real to the person feeling them.  The behavior often makes the sufferer feel safe and EFT therapy can remove those irrational fears so that the rest of your life can be the best of your life.

EFT for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder:

When the energy system changes old behaviors can no longer operate the same.  A habit is a program that runs automatically in response to certain stimuli.  The stimuli is in the form of an energy pattern (feeling).  When you ‘run’ the program by thinking about it and tap at the same time, the tapping acts as an energy ‘interrupt’ and the circuit board is corrupted.

The tapping interferes with the running of the old program, and pretty quickly, the energy system re-aligns and learns that the old program does not have to be run every time the the old stimuli is triggered.  In fact, it can’t run – because the old association has been overwritten by the new one.

Emotional Freedom Technique is:

  • A simple and highly effective energy therapy that can change your emotional response to events
  • A healing modality that often works where nothing else has
  • Simple to learn and easy to use. A five year old child could learn the basics of EFT
  • A way of re-programming your mind and nervous system safely and effectively
  • Highly successful

EFT has swept across the globe in a very short time and is being used to heal situations as diverse as orphans in war torn Africa to Vietnam Veterans in the USA.  It’s so easy and so effective that those who don’t know it or use it are behind the times.

Many of those who have experienced EFT have decided to learn the basics by attending a one day beginners workshop which gives all the grounding needed to use EFT effectively in 70% of cases on their own issues and those of family and friends.

Complex issues are still best dealt with professionally but headaches, fears, phobias, nerves, stress and many other things can be dealt with in the moment with a basic knowledge of EFT.

EFT can be used on crying and sick babies and pets of all sizes.  EFT  is 100% safe to use; as safe as stroking a loved one’s head to make them feel better.

Emotional Freedom Technique is becoming more and more recognized. You may have seen it used on TV and you may have heard it called the ‘Tapping Technique’.  It is being used increasingly in sports psychology and is taught to top sports people from all persuasions who use it to relieve stress and boost sports performance.

EFT can also be used to:

Whatever the problem is EFT Emotional Freedom Technique can alleviate the symptoms quickly and easily thereby allowing you to gain your equilibrium and be free from negative feelings like guilt, blame, anger, depression, sadness and grief to name but a few.

Unlike hypnosis EFT is highly effective by phone and EFT therapists work over the phone helping people all over the world. Find out more about Telephone Therapy Sessions

Telephone Therapy
Telephone Therapy
For one to one sessions of EFT click here

Why not learn EFT and use it on family friends and self. To check out the next workshops see below.

Level 1 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Training…..An introduction to EFT Workshop. Suitable for people interested in self development and also those who would like to begin to train as an EFT therapist. No prior knowledge of EFT is required to attend this course.


Level 2 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Training….A two day therapist’s training course, which aims to take the student to a level of competency required to work with clients. This training is principally for people who would like to use EFT to work with other people. The pre-requisites for attending is a Level 1 certificate.


Level 3 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Training…..An introduction to EFT Workshop. Suitable for people interested in self development and also those who would like to begin to train as an EFT therapist. No prior knowledge of EFT is required to attend this course.


Emotional Freedom Technique Mentoring/Supervision Workshop…..Workshops designed to help practitioners to develop more confidence in the art of delivery of EFT. There will be time to discuss difficult cases, to work on your own issues and those of others in the group. You’ll have a chance to ask and answer questions, try out new techniques and receive feedback.


EFT Monthly Practice Group – First Monday of the Month In LittlehamptonThe EFT practice group meets in Littlehampton on the first Monday of every month. Meeting with like-minded people once a month gives an enormous boost and can help people to overcome blocks and problems. EFT is an amazing healing tool.


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I couldn’t believe the difference after just one session.  It was amazing, I’d been doing all this stuff all these years in a bid to keep my family safe and the tapping just opened my eyes.  Once I saw it differently I could just let it go.  I’m going to keep on tapping on myself now.

  Thanks a lot Charlotte