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EFT Resolves Exam Stress

Want to Know How EFT Resolves Exam Stress?

How to pass an examUse EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) To Resolve Exam Stress

EFT resolves exam stress!  Ever spent hours revising just to have nothing go in. Or maybe the information went in as you read it but when you sat down in the exam room your mind went blank and you couldn’t remember a thing. No matter how brilliant a student may be exam nerves can lead to ruined performance and low grades.

However, the good news is that you can learn to master your exam nerves using EFT.  The thing that stops you performing your best and recalling what you’ve learned is fear, stress an other negative beliefs and emotions.  Emotional Freedom Technique has the ability to zap every one of them.

Your therapist will help you to discover what could be getting in the way of passing and getting good grades and will work with you to remove the barriers to success.  Using the techniques of EFT you can learn more easily, taking in and retaining more at each session of study than ever before. You will learn how easy it is to focus your mind on what you need to do and to keep it focused for as long as you wish.

After your EFT session you will feel calmer and have the ability to recall more than ever before.  You too master your exam nerves and pass your exams.    Anyone can be helped with EFT to pass any exams whatsoever. You are only a phone call away from putting an end to the misery of exam nerves so don’t delay, ring now to ensure that, ‘The rest of life can be the best of your life.’

Prepare to be amazed at how easily you can remain cool and composed when revising or sitting the actual exam.  Using a unique blend of EFT coupled with Metaphysical Techniques your fears can be relieved.

If you live too far away to benefit from face to face therapy why not consider working on the phone using EFT which is just as effective as face to face therapy.

Emotional Freedom Technique is:

  • The Tapping Technique that has been proven to relive anxiety and stress in moments
  • An easy to learn and to use method of change that often works where nothing else will
  • So easy that after a session or two you can use it on yourself to relieve symptoms
  • A way of actively programming your mind and nervous system to adopt a different attitude to whatever you are doing
  • A highly effective technique that can be used on anything

EFT has spread right across the world in a short few years since it’s conception and is being used by people from all walks of life.  In every country across the globe people are benefiting from it simplicity, ease and effectiveness to release negative emotions and traumas.

Many of those who have benefited from EFT have gone on to learn the basics of EFT by attending a beginners workshop.  The basics of EFT can be learned in one day.  This gives the student all the tools needed to use EFT effectively in 70% of cases.  After a one day workshop you will be competant to work on many of your own issues and those of family and friends.

Complex issues are still best dealt with using professional help but with practice it is easy to become competant in EFT.  Imagine being able to overcome headaches, fears, phobias, nerves, stress and many other things with a simple technique of tapping on certain acupressure points?

EFT can even be used on babies and children and it is 100% safe to use; as safe as stroking a loved one’s head to make them feel better.  The Tapping Technique can aslo be used on animals both large and small.

Emotional Freedom Technique is becoming more and more recognized. You may have seen it used on TV with great success by Paul McKenna. It is used in sports psychology and taught to top sportsmen who use it to relieve stress and boost sports performance.

EFT can also be used to:

Whatever the problem is EFT Emotional Freedom Technique can alleviate the symptoms quickly and easily thereby allowing you to gain your equilibrium and be free from negative feelings like guilt, blame, anger, depression, sadness and grief to name but a few.

Unlike hypnosis EFT is highly effective by phone and EFT therapists work over the phone helping people all over the world. Find out more about Telephone Therapy Sessions

Telephone Therapy
Telephone Therapy
For one to one sessions of EFT click here

Why not learn EFT and use it on family friends and self. To check out the next workshops see below.

Level 1 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Training…..An introduction to EFT Workshop. Suitable for people interested in self development and also those who would like to begin to train as an EFT therapist. No prior knowledge of EFT is required to attend this course.


Level 2 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Training….A two day therapist’s training course, which aims to take the student to a level of competency required to work with clients. This training is principally for people who would like to use EFT to work with other people. The pre-requisites for attending is a Level 1 certificate.


Level 3 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Training…..An introduction to EFT Workshop. Suitable for people interested in self development and also those who would like to begin to train as an EFT therapist. No prior knowledge of EFT is required to attend this course.


Emotional Freedom Technique Mentoring/Supervision Workshop…..Workshops designed to help practitioners to develop more confidence in the art of delivery of EFT. There will be time to discuss difficult cases, to work on your own issues and those of others in the group. You’ll have a chance to ask and answer questions, try out new techniques and receive feedback.


EFT Monthly Practice Group – First Monday of the Month In LittlehamptonThe EFT practice group meets in Littlehampton on the first Monday of every month. Meeting with like-minded people once a month gives an enormous boost and can help people to overcome blocks and problems. EFT is an amazing healing tool.


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Daniel D…………..”I hate exams, never having been any good at them while at school but after you explained how my mind works and showed me ways to learn things and then remember them I passed easily.  Now I’m a qualified plumber and really proud of myself.”