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How To Build Self Esteem With EFT

EFT Can Help To Build Self Esteem

Improve Self-Esteem Emotional Freedom Technique is an energy therapy and it has been proved to be highly effective when used to override old negative patterns of which low self-esteem is one.  EFT can be used to build self esteem so you can feel as good as everyone else.

Low self-esteem is learned behaviour as no-one is born with low regard.  Every single child is born confident, self-loving and self-appreciating but along the way life’s hard knocks can often change a person’s perception of their own intrinsic worth.

Yes, your true self-worth  is still within only waiting to be uncovered and EFT is an effective way to unwrap the true you.  EFT can help to remove the negative programming that has overlain the truth about you for possibly more years than you can remember.

EFT works by removing the emotional charge that is attached to negative memories and beliefs and once these are out of the way you will be able to see improvements in the way you feel on a daily basis.  Old negative programming becomes trapped in the physiology but EFT has the ability to dislodge it and allow you to move on.

There is absolutely no reason to carry on living with low self-esteem when with EFT you can truly make, ‘The rest of your life the best of your life.’

EFT to Build Self Esteem:

Whatever YOU say about YOU is registered by your deeper mind and deeper mind is responsible for the way you feel.  It’s impossible to have negative beliefs about the self and to feel confident.  The way you feel is out pictured in your  whole body system and is seen by others as the way you look, the way you stand and the way you speak.

Constant negative self-talk has to be overcome before self esteem can be improved.   Criticism destroys confidence and constructive talk builds it back up again.  Every single person with low self esteem has been  criticised by others, usually family members, and has believed what was said about them.

Then the pattern of criticism becomes so familiar and normal that the victim carries on doing the same thing to themselves for the rest of their lives.  Unless of course they decide to put an end to it and learn a better way.

EFT is a great way of recovering the self esteem you were born with.  It’s still inside of you, even if it’s buried deeply and you can contact it with the right tools.  There are always two choices in life, would you rather be right or happy?  If you choose to be right you can carry on accepting the old verdict about you and if you choose to be happy you can change.

 Emotional Freedom Technique is:

  • The Tapping Technique that can remove old patterns and re-establish those you were born with
  • A method of healing that free you where nothing else will
  • Easy to learn and use. After a session or two you can use it on yourself to relieve symptoms
  • A way of actively programming your mind and nervous system to adopt a different attitude to your problem and therefore overcome it
  • A highly effective treatment

EFT is being used by both laymen and professional health personal all over the globe.  From Saudi Arabia to Outer Mongolia people are tapping their way to freedom.  More and more people are learning it and using it and reporting huge successful breakthroughs.  It’s simplicity is amazing, even small children can learn and use EFT.  It’s so easy and so effective that those who don’t know it or use it are behind the times.

The one day beginners workshop gives all attendees a good start and everything needed to use EFT effectively in the majority of cases on the issues of those nearest and dearest to them.  Difficult or deeper issues are still best dealt with professionally but simple things like headaches, exam stress, fall outs with friends, tiredness and crankiness of all kinds can be dealt with in the moment with a very basic knowledge of EFT.

EFT can even be used on crying and sick babies, baby who don’t sleep and pets of all sizes. EFT is 100% safe to use; as safe as stroking a loved one’s head to make them feel better.

Emotional Freedom Technique is becoming more and more main stream and has been featured on TV many times.  It is used in sports psychology and is taught to top sportspeople everywhere who use it to relieve performance stress and to boost sports performance.

EFT can also be used to:

Whatever the problem is EFT Emotional Freedom Technique can reduce the symptoms quickly and easily, allowing you to feel differently about your problem.  When you feel differently the problem begins to dissipate and you can become free from negative feelings like guilt, blame, anger, depression, sadness and grief to name but a few.

Unlike hypnosis EFT is highly effective by phone and EFT therapists work over the phone helping people all over the world. Find out more about Telephone Therapy Sessions

Telephone Therapy
Telephone Therapy
For one to one sessions of EFT click here

Why not learn EFT and use it on family friends and self. To check out the next workshops see below.

Level 1 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Training…..An introduction to EFT Workshop. Suitable for people interested in self development and also those who would like to begin to train as an EFT therapist. No prior knowledge of EFT is required to attend this course.


Level 2 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Training….A two day therapist’s training course, which aims to take the student to a level of competency required to work with clients. This training is principally for people who would like to use EFT to work with other people. The pre-requisites for attending is a Level 1 certificate.


Level 3 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Training…..An introduction to EFT Workshop. Suitable for people interested in self development and also those who would like to begin to train as an EFT therapist. No prior knowledge of EFT is required to attend this course.


Emotional Freedom Technique Mentoring/Supervision Workshop…..Workshops designed to help practitioners to develop more confidence in the art of delivery of EFT. There will be time to discuss difficult cases, to work on your own issues and those of others in the group. You’ll have a chance to ask and answer questions, try out new techniques and receive feedback.


EFT Monthly Practice Group – First Monday of the Month In LittlehamptonThe EFT practice group meets in Littlehampton on the first Monday of every month. Meeting with like-minded people once a month gives an enormous boost and can help people to overcome blocks and problems. EFT is an amazing healing tool.


Check out the world summit EFT Video on YouTube

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Here’s what Carol J said after an EFT session in Chichester:

I was a sceptic until EFT stopped my Panic Attack within minutes. It’s amazing. I can’t thank you enough.

And Marie, an EFT telephone client from Dartford in Kent:

Hi Christine,

thank you for the session I felt so up afterwards and my whole self is feeling better. I’m tapping through the scripts you sent me and it’s making such a difference. I can’t understand why nobody’s heard of this.

Thanks Janice

And Susan from County Cork in Ireland said:

Dear Christine,

“What a difference EFT is making and I did it on my husband and my dog and both worked. I might become a therapist.” Haha.

Susan O’Donnel