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What is Hypnosis – Part 1

Are You Curious To Know – What is Hypnosis?

What is HypnosisHypnosis is a natural state of mind that every human dips into many times every day without even realising it. Scientists say that on average we dip into a hypnotic state around 7 times every hour.

A hypnotic state is a state where the conscious mind has wandered away from outer reality and is focused internally. You may know the hypnotic state as daydreaming, lost in thought, away with the fairies, or just plain old not paying attention.

In these states of reverie when you are contemplating, musing or turning something over in mind, brain waves slowdown from the normal waking state of Beta brainwave levels to a lower state called Alpha. An Alpha state is a hypnotic state; a period when time seems to stand still as you drift away somewhere within and your mind wanders off away from the reality that surrounds you.

In normal waking consciousness; the Beta state, you are focussed on facts, on reality and the here and now but in the Alpha, hypnotic state, you are free to wander where you will and dream what you will.  In this relaxed state of mind your mind will often wander here and there but in hypnosis you are guided and led by your hypnotist to imagine a future differnet from your present reality.

The hypnotic state can be experienced with eyes closed and with eyes open but when eyes are open in a hypnotic state they are automatically defocused and this characterises the state. If you see someone staring into space they are in a trance like hypnotic state.

What is Hypnosis Like?

If you are a car driver you’ll instantly recognise the state of ‘highway hypnosis’ which is a state all drivers experience. When under the spell of ‘highway hypnosis’ you are staring at the road ahead with eyes out of focus and daydreaming. It’s quite possible to drive for miles like this and to arrive at a destination without any memory of the journey at all.