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Tips To End Sleepless Nights

The mind is a very powerful thing and the subconscious part of the mind is capable of many wonderful things.  Whether you know it or not, your subconscious mind is the part of you that is responsible for everything that is being out pictured in your life including a good nights sleep, or lack of it.

It is this part of mind that controls your body.  It breathes for you, pumps the blood around your body, renews your skin cells, digests your food and performs a million other tasks for you and all this outside of your conscious awareness.

It works ceaselessly and constantly for you to maintain health and vitality.  It also produces chemicals, hormones, serotonin (the happy chemical) and adrenaline (the stress hormone) to name a few.  Part of its job is also to allow you to sleep at night so that you can perform to the best of your ability during the day.  It does all of this without any effort on your part, unless of course you interfere with the process.

The subconscious is listening to everything you think or say and it actually obeys us your commands to the letter.  It does this in a very literal way and it is as gullible as a small child.  One thing worth noting about this part of mind is that it does not understand language.  Makes sense if you think about it, as it has been in man well before language was invented.

What it does work on are the pictures your thoughts conjure up within your mind and the emotions that go with them.  Whenever you have a thought that is accompanied with little or no emotion, it is filed away within your memory banks for future reference.

Thoughts with emotion however are usually acted upon immediately.  It is as if the thought goes to the subconscious marked, open at once, emergency.  Thoughts with emotion make the subconscious mind sit up and notice.

This facility is built into you as a tool for survival.  In caveman days life was much more risky than it is now.  There were animal predators and human predators to face and threat of death was all around.

For this reason, whenever humans felt fear their subconscious mind had to take immediate action to enable them to survive.  The fight or flight response meant that as a species we would be more likely to survive.

When you feel fear your subconscious mind goes into action immediately.  The emotion immediately transfers to the Hypothalamus, a small gland within the deeper part of the brain.  The Hypothalamus is the part of you that produces chemicals, the chemical factory of the body.

Fear causes the chemical factory to produce adrenalin which then floods through your body, enabling you to either stand your ground or to get the hell out of the threatening situation.

The same situation occurs when you have happy emotions.  Again this is inbuilt as a survival tool.  As man is born without claws or big teeth to protect himself in able to survive he must have the ability to get along with others in group situations.  Having happy thoughts makes you produce happy emotions which then act upon the Hypothalamus to produce serotonin and other happy chemicals.  Being happy and upbeat, are very important attributes to get along within a group setting.

The subconscious mind therefore is constantly picking up on your thoughts and emotions and releasing chemicals to match the occasion.  And as we said before, this part of your mind obeys you literally, it has no sense of humour and it simply believes that if you are focussing on something then you want it.

Imagine the scene then, it’s two o’ clock in the morning and your eyes have just pinged open. You immediately look at the clock and your thoughts run something like this……..

“Oh no, not again, why do I always wake up at this time?  I’m going to be knackered in the morning and I’ve got so much to do.  I’m fed up with this, two hours that’s all I’ve had, and I bet I don’t manage to get back to sleep again.  I’ll probably be tossing and turning all night now.”

All of these thoughts are accompanied by the negative emotions of anger, frustration, despair and whatever else you are feeling.

Let’s examine what you have just been thinking and think about what is happening inside.  First of all you have inadvertently instructed your subconscious mind to keep you awake, you have also told it to make you tired by next morning, you have told it that two hours is all you get, that you won’t manage to get back to sleep again and that you will be tossing and turning all night, good huh?

That’s exactly what you did not want.  Furthermore, you have added some negative emotions for good measure, which means that the chemical factory within the brain will be producing fight or flight chemicals, not the full blown response of course, but enough to cause tension within the muscles and the heart to race.

Now your subconscious mind is doing a wonderful job of keeping you safe.  It has no idea that you are thinking about or talking about those things you don’t want.  As far as it’s concerned, something is going on.  There is anger, frustration, despair, it’s got to do something, take notice.

It’s got to keep you alert because your survival might depend upon it.  However really all it wants to do is shut down for the night so it can get on with whatever it has to do to keep you fit and healthy.

All you need to do to get that good nights sleep is to allow the subconscious to take over again and do what it is designed to do.  You need to get yourself, your conscious self, out of the way.  When you do this, your subconscious will naturally take over and you will sleep.

You don’t need to do anything to sleep, nor do you need a pill, your body is designed to sleep.  Sleep regenerates you, makes you alert, allows you to perform to the best of your ability.

One of the first things to do when changing back from being a poor sleeper to a good one is to change the way you talk and think about it.  Stop telling yourself and others

you had a bad night, stop talking about sleeping at all unless you can tell people you sleep well and soundly.  Make up a sentence that you can remember easily, a sentence that makes sense to you and repeat it every time you think about sleep.

The following is an example of a sentence you could use. “I’m sleeping much better now.”  If you say a sentence like that and you hear a voice over your shoulder (the gremlin) saying, “No you aren’t,” simply change it to, “I choose to believe I’m sleeping much better now.”  The gremlin won’t argue with this statement because you can choose to believe anything you want.

In the late 19th century a French physician named Emile Crue, through trial and error, worked out a way to cure many of his, so called, ‘incurable patients.,  Many people suffered in those days from something that was called malaise, currently known as depression and many women suffered from the, then incurable, condition of hysteria.  (Not too sure what the modern version of this would be.)

Dr Crue had his patients repeat the following phrase many times a day, “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better and better.”  Many of his patients had a complete recovery and people from all over France came to see him.

Dr Crue’s cure was so successful in curing many illnesses that he took himself off on a tour of America telling everyone about his new miracle cure.  Most people laughed and the medical profession as a whole ridiculed Dr Crue.  Many, many people however decided to give Dr Crue’s new system a try and those that did were delighted by the results.

When applied diligently Emile Crue’s cure works and now that we know how the subconscious mind works we can see how it works.  Unfortunately, at the time no-one had access to the mysteries of the mind, indeed before Freud’s discoveries in the 1920’s no-one had even heard of the subconscious mind or Id as he named it.

You can use the sentence given earlier, make up your own, or even use Emile Crue’s sentence, it matters not.  Just find one simple sentence, memorise it and keep saying it, to yourself and to others if they ask.  At first it may not seem true, but within a very short time it will be because your subconscious is programmed to obey your commands.

Secondly, stop looking at the clock.  If it is luminous then turn it way so you can’t see it.  It doesn’t really matter what time it is.  There are several reasons to look at the time and all of them are negative.  Let it go, refuse to look any more.

Thirdly, when you wake up, make your first thought, “Oh good, that’s great, I can heal the pain in my shoulder/back/foot/arm,” or Plan my glittering future, or think about how successful I’m going to be.”  No stress hormones in that statement huh?

Just a lot of happy hormones instead, relaxing the muscles and reducing tension.  Then, without looking at the clock begin to think about whatever you feel inclined to.  What follows are some exercises you can do in the night.

Exercise 1

As we have already mentioned, your subconscious mind believes anything you tell it,  it is readily obeying your every command and it receives its commands/requests through the pictures your thoughts, or words form within your mind.  It also has no idea whether the pictures it is receiving have really happened, or whether you just imagined they happened.  To the subconscious mind there is no difference.  This phenomena was first tested by the Americans during the Apollo space programme.  Everyone involved in the programme, including the astronauts visualised, or imagined, what would happen when the rocket landed on the moon and the moon landing went exactly as imagined.

Following this, the Russians started to use this method to train their gymnasts for the Olympics and the Russians started to win all the gold medals.  It wasn’t long before it crossed back over the sea to America and then round the world and now it is used by top athletes everywhere.  Using the same technology, forward thinking American doctors started to use imagination as a tool to fight cancer cells.  The stricken patient would imagine armies of white blood cells marching to kill the cancer cells.  Many people have been cured by this method, or as the medical profession would rather put it, gone into spontaneous remission.  Our very own NHS now issues cancer patients with visualisation tapes to use to fight cancer.

Exercise 1 uses the same technology, you can gain enormous benefit from using it and what better time to do it than when lying awake in the night.  The first thing to do is to imagine you are inside your body, a tiny being, and you can travel anywhere, making yourself smaller or larger as required.  Maybe you can imagine a tiny capsule, like a miniature submarine.  Simply use your imagination, it doesn’t really matter how you do it and everyone will have a different method.  Travel through your body to any tight spots, any injuries or any problem area and see what needs doing.  Tackle problems in any way that suits your skills or knowledge.

If you are the macho builder type you might want to erect scaffolding, get your miniature drill out, or do some re-wiring.  If you are soft romantic type you might want to talk to the problem area, finding out why the pain started and what the part needs to recover.  You may want to give love to an ache or a pain, soothe it and stroke it.  Maybe you want to visit the chemical factory in your brain and have a virtual tour.  Have a word with the foreman there and tell him that you want to up production of happy chemicals and slow down production of adrenaline.

There are thousands of different ways you can do this and no one is right or wrong.  Use your imagination and have fun.  I have used this method many times in the past upon waking but funnily enough I have never, ever got to the end of it.  I have never once finished the job and returned to my original size.  I have always been asleep long before then.  Why!  Because I have relaxed, both my body and my mind, told myself its okay to be awake and taken my mind off the problem.

Exercise 2

Exercise 2 involves using your mind in a different way.  Instead of going inwards this exercise involves sending your mind out into the wider world.  We live in a Spiritual Universe and, although it seems to us as if we are separate beings we are in fact all one.  Einstein discovered that this was a Universe of energy and that all things are made of energy.  This energy is everywhere, evenly present and this Universal Energy is like a sea we all live in.  Our thoughts are also energy and when we think them they go out into this energy like radio waves and they are picked up by those people who are either on the same frequency as us or by those people they were intended for.

How many times have you had the experience of thinking of someone you haven’t seen for ages and then bumping into them or them ringing you out of the blue.  This is because when you think about someone or they think about you, the thoughts are picked up by the other person subliminally.  Obviously you don’t hear the words they are saying but something comes across and you find ourselves thinking of them, you  ring them, only to have them say, “Oh, I was just thinking about you yesterday.”  This is more than just coincidence.  This occurs because thought waves go out and are received exactly as radio and television waves do.

This means that we can communicate with others, subliminally, no matter how far away they are.  There is no difference to this sea of energy whether the person we are thinking about is in the next room or in Australia, thoughts travel faster than the speed of light.  When you meet someone, no matter what they are communicating verbally, they are also communicating subliminally.  Ever been talking to someone who didn’t seem genuine?  That’s because their thoughts do not match their words and you can pick it up.

Even when you communicate with others by letter or e-mail your true thoughts at the time of writing are revealed subliminally to the receiver.  Amazing isn’t it?  If you  send out advertising material with the belief that hardly anyone will be interested then they won’t.  If you post flyers through people’s doors while thinking, “This is a waste of time,” then it is.  Intention is everything.  When you send out loving thoughts to others they pick them up, and guess what.  Yes, you benefit too.  The loving accepting energy has to start with you so it can go out to others and as a result you feel happier, more content and loving.

In exercise 2 when you awaken at night you can say to yourself, “Good, great, now I can get in touch with the client I am going to see tomorrow and tell him what a wonderful product I have for him.  I can tell him all the benefits and how much it will add value either to his life or to the lives of those he is responsible for.  I can tell him how much I admire him; even love him, as a fellow human being.  I can appreciate his efforts and ask him what I can do for him, or even what he would like to know from me to make his decision.  I can have a good conversation with him at the end of which, we will like each other enormously and remain friends forever.”  Then go ahead and do it.

When you see the enormous difference this makes to your interactions with people and see the results of your thoughts you will I promise be amazed.  If you have met the person before, then use his image when you speak, imagining yourself face to face and conversing.  If you don’t know him, but know his name, then say that this message is for Mr. Jones of Jones’s Pop Factory.  If the message is to go out to many people who you do not know you might say, “This message goes to all those people who could benefit from my services,” and then proceed to talk to them in a loving and friendly way, offering your services and explaining how your product can add value to their lives.

You can converse with your boss, your girlfriend or boyfriend.  You can even attract

a new partner into your life using this method.  The list is endless and it’s so much fun to do.

The middle of the night is a wonderful time to communicate subliminally with people as with any luck the person for whom the message is intended will be fast asleep.  When humans sleep the constant mental chatter is silenced.  The never ending static caused by their conscious thinking has closed down for the night but the subconscious mind, the part of them which is responsible for picking up subliminal messages is awake.

One word of warning however, when attempting this exercise, you may never get it done.  Sleep has a habit of creeping up on you whenever you attempt it.

You now have two exercises to either get you to sleep or to utilise the time you spend awake.  Give them a try for a week and I guarantee that your sleep patterns will have changed enormously.  These methods do have side effects and they are listed below.

  • You will feel less stressed
  • You may notice improvements in your body
  • You will notice the difference in your interactions with others
  • You may start to sleep longer than you want to
  • You may start to complain that you are unable to stay awake long enough to apply the methods you have learned.

If any of these side effects are causing trouble, simply reverse the process and go back to how you were.  Simple, because the subconscious mind doesn’t mind, its job is not to judge, that’s the job of the conscious mind.  The subconscious simple obeys.

Sleep well.

Welcome to Making Positive Changes