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The Law of Intention

The Law of Intention states:

Whatever you intend to happen will happen. Intention is a power very like the ‘Law of Gravity.’ While the ‘Law of Gravity’ is recognised and understood by everyone the ‘Law of Intention’ is a lesser known yet just as powerful force. While the ‘Law of Gravity’ holds you down to the ground and the planets on their courses the ‘Law of Intention’ in effect goes before you always. This Law moves and shapes the airwaves and atmospheres so that whatever you intend to happen will happen.

Universal laws

Expectation is the opposite side of the coin to intention. Imagine if you will that an intention goes out from you as a force and returns to you as an expectation. If you intend something you automatically expect it and if you expect something you have, unwittingly perhaps, intended it.

In actual fact whether you know it or not, you are putting intention into every single thing you do. In every moment of every day, intention is at work for you. In much the same way as the ‘Law of Gravity’ it is in operation continually. Without being aware of it you put some form of intention into every task you perform. Intention goes before you like an invisible force, either opening doors or keeping them shut depending entirely on your intention.

Every moment of the day you are moving with the ‘Law of Intention’ and while you sometimes use deliberate intention, by making a choice to do something, over 90% of your daily intentions are habitual. In other words you just carry on doing whatever you’ve always done on auto pilot.

When you understand the ‘Law of Intention’ life can take on a whole new meaning and you can deliberately intend for your day to go the way you want it to.

Intention = Expectation

Intention and expectation are interchangeable. If you are dreading something or not looking forward to it your expectation is it will be difficult and it will be so. Conversely, if you are looking forward to something, feeling confident and sending out positive energy your expectation is whatever you are doing will be successful or enjoyable and once again it is so. Whatever you expect is your intention and your intention is whatever you expect!

You can change the whole outcome of anything you normally dread or don’t look forward to by changing the intention before you do it. Set a different intention and you will get a different outcome. The phone call you were dreading can become easy and productive, the social occasion you weren’t looking forward to can become enjoyable and the interview can be successful if you set an intention for it beforehand.

If you are always late, intend to arrive on time, if you always eat too much intend to be satisfied with a small amount and if you haven’t been sleeping very well intend to sleep like a log. It’s all in the intention and the majority of your intentions are habitual but the ‘Law of Intention’ like all Universal Laws is impersonal. The ‘Law of Intention’ just is, like gravity it has no favourites.

If the world understood intention in the same way it understands gravity and used it as wisely we could prevent many of the wars, famines and strife that we have to endure. Understand this Law and use it wisely.

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This article is about the law of intention.

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