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Setting Goals – It’s a Fait Accompli

Setting Goals & Reaching Them

Law of Attraction

To set a goal and reach it take yourself to the end.  In NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) this is called a pre-supposition.  In other words pre-suppose that the end has already been achieved.  Personally I prefer the French way of saying the same thing.   The French use the phrase a ‘Fait Accompli’ when they are describing an outcome which is deemed to be a certainty while we English may call it a ‘Done Deed.’

To build a house you have to first see the completed building.  You never went to Spain without imagining yourself there first or to the supermarket either.

Yet many of us have desires while forgetting that we haven’t set any outcome or without giving precise instructions.

Here’s an amusing example:

How many people do you know who are on a diet?  How many times have you been on a diet?  Lots of us go on diets and we say, “Right that’s it, I’m on a diet.”  Then we tell our friends, “No, no cake for me thanks, I’m on a diet.”  Then we tell ourselves, “No can’t have that I’m on a diet,” and we count calories and cut portion sizes and generally become a bit miserable for a week or two but nothing much seems to be happening.  Ever been there?  I know I have.

The problem here is that the subconscious mind knows what a diet means.  Dieting means eating less, cutting calories and semi starvation so that’s what is happening.  Unfortunately our dieter has omitted finishing off the story.  All they’ve got is all they asked for, a diet.  They didn’t say why, they were going on a diet.

The successful dieter may have said, “Right that’s it, I’m going on a diet because I’m determined to be slim for my daughter’s wedding.”  Now she’s created an end result and the subconscious mind has to work out a way to take her there.  As long as she stays firm and focused on looking good at the wedding she’ll achieve it.

Going on a diet without a clear picture of the end result is like setting of on a journey without a destination.  Imagine setting off in your car and when someone asks where you’re going you reply, “I’m going on a journey.” Then imagine just driving around on this journey without going anywhere but just journeying.  Would that be utter madness?  It would take up all of your time and cost you a pile of money but it would be rather pointless wouldn’t it.  This is how the majority of us journey through life.

The successful person is the one who either by accident, or by design, forms a clear mental picture of their ‘Fait Accompli.’  So, if you want to be successful at anything first imagine what that success looks like and imagine how you feel as you enjoy this success.  Don’t worry about the journey needed to get there; the subconscious part of your mind will work that part out.

Note:  Of course you still have to prepare.  You have to learn your speech, prepare your troops, dress the part, learn the routine, buy the tickets etc.  Leave the finer details to the subconscious part of you though.  Just tell it that you will say all the right things, that you will remember your lines or that you will perform magnificently.  Then take yourself to the end, the relief, the happiness, the joy of the job well done, the pride and the success.

It’s easy enough to do.  Close your eyes imagine yourself at the end of the speech, the meeting, the interview or the dance.  Now imagine the applause as you stand at the podium, the warm accepting handshakes that indicate a successful interview, the amazing feeling of knowing you’ve done your best or standing on the podium being presented with the medal.

Then imagine what you’re saying to you as you look around, leave the room, walk away, drive home, arrive at your destination or hang your certificate on the wall.  That’s it, that’s your ‘Fait Accompli.’  You’ve just given your subconscious, the ‘Master Builder’ a blueprint to work from.  You’ve told it to arrange things so that at the end of your journey, speech, tournament, wedding, holiday or mini marathon this is how you look, how you feel and perhaps how others are reacting to you.
The whole process takes minutes.

To your success

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