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Power Words

Power Words – Words with Power

Power words

What are ‘Power Words’ and how can they help you to achieve your goals and dreams?  Could the correct use of ‘Power Words’ assist you in reaching your target weight.  Could they even help you to get started on the diet you have been putting off for ages?

Say that you wish to start a healthy eating regime but you’ve been putting it off.  First create a mental image of yourself eating healthily and feeling proud of yourself for doing it.  See the weight fall off in imagination.  Then you can add to the technique by brightening the image and enlarging and zooming in on it.

Once you have a clear image in your mind repeat the appropriate power word, in this case “energize.”  Repeat the word over and over while holding the image of the thing you wish to do. You will find your energy building to the stage where you will in fact energize yourself to do it.

More Power Words

There are many words that you can use as power words to help you to lose weight.  Slim, healthy, attractive, beautiful, elegant, skinny, svelte, gorgeous,  thin, successful, satisfied, delighted or excited to name a few.  When you say these words embody them.  Say them meaningfully and feel how your body changes in accordance with each word.

You can change your world if you change your words – it’s true.

See how many more you can think of that would be useful to you. Understand that you are in control, and that one of the tools of that control is the directed use of the power word.  You can change, by degrees, from weak to strong, from fearful to courageous, from fat to thin, from putting things off to getting them done, and from failure to success in any goal you direct the powerful force of your mind to achieve.

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Christine is a qualified EFT practitioner, trainer and member of the AAMET