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Power without Direction

Your subconscious mind is simply power without direction.  All of your direction comes from the conscious mind.  Without the conscious mind to give the direction and make choices you would simply be like every other animal with a subconscious mind.  Animals do not have a conscious mind, or if they do it is very undeveloped and they do not have the ability to make conscious decisions.  Animals simply work from instinct.  As a human you also have this instinctual side to you too but with a conscious mind you can override your instincts and you often do.

The easiest way to explain this concept is to think about an ocean liner.  The captain gives directions.  He charts the course the ship will take; he is like your conscious mind.  However, even though his word is Law on board ship, he has no power to make the ship move whatsoever.  No matter how many charts he plots or journey’s he decides to go on he won’t get anywhere without the engine room.

All the power in the ship is in the engine room but without the captain the engine room is useless.  I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed but there are no windows in the engine room so although the ship could move somewhere without the captain they probably won’t get very far and may probably end up crashing into something or going around in circles.

The captain harnesses the power in the engine room by sending down detailed instructions from his vantage point at the top of the ship and together they can travel anywhere they please.

Your subconscious mind is like the engine room.  It has all the power and acts like a radio receiving station, sending out and receiving messages all day long.  Whatever you are focusing on it is busily bringing into your life this very moment.  It is waiting for instructions from you, the Captain, and then either going ‘Full Speed Ahead,’ or crashing into the harbour wall.

When the Captain of the ship speaks to the engine room he gives precise instructions.  Imagine what would happen if he was in Southampton Harbour and he charted a course for New York and then phoned the engine room and said, “We’re not going to India so don’t go full speed ahead.”  There would be more than a bit of confusion in the engine room don’t you think.

Your subconscious mind has no window on the world and has enormous power but it needs to be told where to go.  If you don’t chart a course and tell your deeper mind to head for it you’ll just end up, like an animal, doing what you’ve always done.

Chart your course and set off on a wonderful new journey right now.

Happy Sailing Christine Wesson