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EFT – The Choices Method

The Choices Method

The choices method is a variant of EFT in which the client gets to choose a different outcome to the one being experienced.  The Universe is composed of energy, in fact energy in all it’s myriad forms is all there is.  Every seeming solid object is in fact mostly energy, including ourselves.

When we are in a negative situation, or mindset it sets up a stress within us, in EFT terms our energy system becomes disrupted.  Whenever a stress builds up within us it seeks to be resolved and as this stress is a from of energy, negative energy, it will do what all energy does.  It will seek to dissipate itself and to do this it will seek the path of least resistance.

Energy always seeks the path of least resistance.  Think of a river.  A river runs towards the sea via the path of least resistance.  It runs along the riverbed.  It never jumps out of its normal path and decides to run down another course because the easiest way for it to go is along the path it is already on.  Wind, another form of energy, will not force itself in and through buildings, it will go around them, again the path of least resistance.  Electricity too will follow the same kind of path, even if that path is up your arm.

This phenomenon is Universal, it is natural, it is what energy does.  Everything in nature follows the same rules.  Therefore our stress obeys this natural law too.  When you feel hungry it sets up a stress within, which then seeks to resolve itself and eating releases the stress.  Someone who wants to smoke sets up a stress which is then released through having a cigarette.

To take an example from ordinary conversation, if I ask you a question such as, ‘How are you?”  the structure of the question sets up a tension and the answer to the question resolves that tension.  This is known as an antecedent-consequential phrase; it is the most natural phrasing known in language.

Tension strives for resolution and often causes conflict within us.  Imagine for a moment the person who wants to lose weight.  Thinking about the situation, (being overweight) causes tension and not eating resolves that tension.  However, being hungry causes tension and eating resolves it.  This means that the overweight person is in a double bind.  The tension from not wanting to eat is striving to take the path of least resistance but so is the tension from being hungry.

This is why you may have often found yourself alternating between being good and resisting food and then when the opposite tension has built up to the point where it must be resolved all resolve goes out of the window and you find yourself eating too much again.

Take another situation like public speaking.  Julie had to make presentations at work, but she was terrified every single time she had to do them.  She would shake and sweat at the very thought.  She dare not however refuse to do them as she believed her  job would be at stake.  This left her in a double bind situation.  When  she thought about making presentations she imagined forgetting what she had to say, stuttering and not being able to get the words out or making a fool of herself.  This set up tension and because the tension was seeking resolution she desperately didn’t want to turn up.

When she thought about not turning up however she imagined losing her job, setting up more tension.  This tension also couldn’t be resolved and so because she had all this tension within which was seeking resolution she did what she always did, she got home from work and ate and drank.  The tension (energy) was taking the path of least resistance, which in her case was eating and drinking too much.  Like the river it was taking the well worn path it always had.

There is a way however to change the flow of this energy.  It is possible to change the flow of a river by changing it’s structure.  Engineers can come in and dig another path for the river to flow down.  They can then dam the old well worn river bed and once this is done the river will then flow down the new pathway.  It will still be following the path of least resistance only now the path is changed.  We can do this using the choices method.

The Choices Protocol

The protocol for the EFT Choices technique is known as the “Choices Trio” because it contains three distinct components – three rounds of EFT using Choices.  The intensity level is only assessed after all three rounds.

Preliminary Steps

Before commencing EFT. Obtain an initial intensity rating for the problem you are going to work on and then proceed as follows:

  • Identify the negative cognition (thought, attitude, feeling, etc) you want to get rid of.
  • Formulate a Choice that is roughly the opposite of this negative cognition, an antidote to it.  For example,” I choose to feel completely at ease when flying,” would be an appropriate choice for the negative cognition, “I’m afraid of flying.”
  • Combine the negative with the positive Choice to use in the choices Set-up.  for example, “Even though I am afraid of flying, I choose to feel completely at ease when flying.”
  • Tap on the Karate Chop point while repeating this phrase three times.

Follow this by the Choices Trio as follows:

  1. Using the short cut do one complete round of EFT using the negative part of the phrase as a reminder only.  For example, “I’m afraid of flying.”
  2. Follow immediately by one complete round using the choice, Example, “I choose to feel at ease when flying.
  3. Follow with one alternate round, starting with the negative phrase on the first point and ending with a positive Choices phrase.
  4. Check intensity rating and if needed follow with another round.

Another point worth mentioning here is that it is very good to add extra positive words or phrases within the choices method.  An example would be, “Even though I am scared of making a fool of myself when I make my presentation, I choose to be amazed at how well I perform.” “Even though I ate too much this evening, I choose to surprise myself by how easy it is to get back on track.”  “Even though I am petrified at the thought of confronting my boss, I choose to feel courageous when I meet him.”

What happens is this.  The tapping balances out the energy system so the negative charge, the fear, starts to dissipate.  It does what all energy does when it builds up and takes the path of least resistance.  This time however you have built a new path, it leads straight to the new choice.  Whenever you think about the situation in the future, any negative charge immediately takes the path of least resistance which is now the Choice you have made.

If it sounds too good to be true, I suggest trying it and testing the results.  I have seen it work beautifully in so many cases that I no longer have any doubts.  Using Choices utilises the path of least resistance inherent in all of nature.  And it uses it simply and easily.

Happiness and success Christine

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