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Breakthrough Sessions

Full Day Breakthrough Sessions – Making The Best of Your Life!

Front Page Is there something in your life that you would really like to change?  Do you struggle in relationships, is your health an issue, are you always battling to lose weight, or are you experiencing job, business or money related problems?  Maybe something is holding you back and you don’t know what it is.  You may have been stuck for quite some time, unhappy with where you are, but with no idea how to move beyond your current limitations.

Perhaps you’ve been experiencing problems for some time now and you think you’ve tried everything, yet still not had the success and results you want?  Are you in a position where you feel as if you’ll never get free of whatever it is that’s holding you back?  If so, I’d like to share with you how my breakthrough sessions can help you and how they can be the key that can unlock your health, happiness and success.

A breakthrough session can be the golden key that can unlock your true potential, no matter where you are now, no matter what other approaches you have tried, no matter how many times you’ve failed before, and despite what you think or believe is possible.  Read on to find out how there is a way that will work for you; a way that can allow you to experience the change you have always wanted to experience!

What are the benefits of Breakthrough Sessions?

Breakthrough sessions are specially designed for those who want to move on quickly and completely, unlike weekly sessions they help to concentrate the mind.  Instead of rushing off back to life and work at the end of a weekly session, and thereby losing some of the momentum, there is more time to really focus on the issue(s); to get right into the nitty gritty of it.  There is also more time to formulate the solution(s).  Breakthrough sessions also benefit those who live too far away to visit my office weekly yet still want to work with me in person as opposed to working on Skype.  The cost is the same as four weekly sessions.

Imagine knowing that you can have whatever you choose in life.  Imagine having the body you really desire, the health you aspire to or a career you love and are successful at.  Or, what about the relationship of your dreams, the home, the children, and all the financial wealth you desire.  All that’s stopping you from achieving your dreams is your negative programming, the concepts and limitations you’ve taken on board and now live your life by.

The wonderful thing is that you can let go of the past, the limiting beliefs, the negative self-image that holds you back and old and outdated thought patterns, behaviors and perceptions once you know how to do it.  I act as guide and leader helping you to change your perceptions and release old and unwanted patterns of thinking and doing.

Instead, picture yourself knowing that any problems you may have had have been resolved, are in the past and all the areas you want to change have either been changed or you know how to change them.  Breakthrough sessions are designed to give you the tools to become free of anything in the way of your living your true potential.  Many clients struggle with actually knowing what they want but, after a breakthrough session you will know what you want and you will know how to make it happen.

What happens on a Breakthrough Session?

Prepare for a complete change of mind and attitude.  A breakthrough session can be absolutely life transforming and the transformation will begin even before the session as you begin to think about all the areas you want to change and how you’d like your life to be. Some of this work can be done beforehand (as directed) so that we will know all the areas you want to address and change.  Then, the powerful transformation begins.  As you begin to understand how to relate differently to the world, the world begins to relate differently to you.

The change happens immediately and by the end of the day you are already the new and transformed you! You are ready to go out into the world as a changed person, with the tools and techniques needed to enjoy good health, great relationships, increased success and more abundance.  Because of the way the breakthrough sessions are fashioned changes will occur in many areas of your life.  You will be happier, leaving behind life lived in a state of being, just ok, the state the majority of people live in, and accept as normal, to living life in a state of happiness or even joy.

You will know how to view life in a completely different way, you will understand how to change absolutely any situation and therefore will know that you and you alone are in charge of your destiny.  There will be no more need to give your power away and you will leave with the ability to enjoy life at a whole new level.

Is a Breakthrough Session just about Positive Thinking?

Many clients relate how they have watched things like the film, ‘The Secret‘ and read self help books and have  still been unable to let go of problems and make positive changes.  However, while positive thinking and self help books are wonderful, they are written for the masses and they do not address anyone’s personal problems or restrictions.   These breakthrough sessions do address your personal problems and your personal restrictions.  Each session is tailored just for you and that’s why these sessions work where self help books and films may have failed to work for you.

Self-help books can be a great resource but they may not provide you with the tools and techniques necessary to create the change that you want but that’s OK because these breakthrough sessions will.  You have two parts to your mind and when you really understand how to get these two parts to work together you can literally change your world and create happiness and success in all areas of life!

How would it feel if you knew that you could create your life exactly how you want it and be free of any problems you were experiencing?  What if your emotional baggage and mental limitations were a thing of the past and you were free to be happy, healthy and empowered?  Supposing you had all you needed to make your dreams come true and you knew what you wanted and how to make it happen.  Imagine knowing with 100% certainty that you could be happy healthy and successful in all areas of your life.

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Health, wealth and happiness specialist Christine Wesson is an expert in assisting people to transform their lives, relationships or businesses.  Christine is multi-skilled and passionate about helping people to overcome blocks and realizing their potential. She offers these breakthrough sessions for clients who want to move on and change quickly.  She uses a combination of life changing metaphysical techniques, hypnosis, EFT and life coaching skills to help you to ensure that, the rest of your life, is the best of your life.

If you feel it’s time to leave behind the old restrictions and change the circumstances of your life, these breakthrough sessions could be the ideal way of making those changes.  Christine has been in the personal development field for over 10 years and has helped many, many people to become well.  Her expertise is in helping people to release patterns of behavior that no longer serve them and in helping them to transform their lives completely.

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