Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis?

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Weight Loss Hypnosis works by changing the way you relate to, and deal with, food.   You were born relating to food perfectly and naturally.  As a baby you cried when you were hungry and then stopped eating when you were satisfied.  You had to be taught, and trained, to eat according to the clock and to eat more than you needed.

The reason there are no overweight animals in the wild is because animals don’t get years of training in bad habits.  Wild animals still eat the way animals are meant to eat, while the majority of humans have fallen in bad habits.  Another name for a habit is a program and we are all programmed.  All humans are being run by their programming or habitual behaviour.

Once you’ve done anything several times it becomes normal for you, and then you just repeat the same old behaviour over and over again.  That’s how all mind’s are set up, it saves us thinking about every little thing over and over again.  Imagine how it would be if you had to think about every move you made before you could make it, you’d never get anything done?  To save you from this, the subconscious part of you, the part that runs your body, uses it’s programs to get you to do what it thinks you what it to do.

A behaviour becomes a program when it’s been repeated several times.  You may consciously desire slim and healthy but you’ve programmed your subconscious to overeat.   The subconscious mind is obedient, it cannot think for itself, it just does what it’s been told.  However, it will change direction whenever you tell it to.  The HypnoSlimmer program is designed to help you to change direction and to keep going until you reach your goal.

Achieve your Dream with Weight Loss Hypnosis

The HypnoSlimmer program covers all aspects of weight loss.  We begin with re-training your mind, showing you how to do it effectively.  You’ll be helped to change your relationship with food and, most importantly, your relationship with you.  We’ll help you to set smart goals and we’ll motivate you to achieve them.  You’ll understand how detrimental your self talk can be and you’ll be happy to change it.

You’ll learn the importance of focussing on whatever you’d love to achieve and find out how happy you can be when you are headed in a positive direction.  It’s impossible to get slim while calling yourself fat. In fact, it’s impossible to get slim at all because getting something implies that it’s outside of us and your slim body is not outside of you at all, it’s inside of you. Right there where you are, where the overweight you seems to be, is the slim you; it’s inside of you, waiting to be revealed or uncovered.

But the slim you cannot come to the foreground all the while you carry on insisting you’re overweight. Join our program to find out how you can use your mind to achieve your aim, to get slim and to stay there, easily, for the rest of your life.