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Using Reverse Psychology To Sleep

Reverse Psychology is a great self-help method of changing a sleepless night into a restful one.  Our focus on not being able to sleep is the main culprit for insomnia.  Sleep is natural and it is programmed into us before birth and is something we all do every day.

The insomniac spends untold hours talking about and thinking about their lack of sleep.  All this does is re-enforce the problem making it worse and worse.  Whatever we focus on we get more of!  Whatever you talk about and focus upon your deeper mind, the part of you that’s in charge of your bodily functions, thinks you want.

Deeper mind functions in a completely different way to surface mind.  Surface or conscious mind instructs and deeper, subconscious mind acts.  The giver and the receiver!  The giver of the instructions makes the choices and the receiver acts on whatever is being spoken about.  The subconscious has no way of knowing that what you are constantly taking about is no exactly what you want.

The subconscious doesn’t understand the words no, can’t or don’t and only understands whatever follows them.  Try saying, “Don’t think of pink elephants,” to someone and see what happens.  What about trying not to think of being in your kitchen at home?  Impossible isn’t it?

That’s why reverse psychology can work.  Next time you’re lying in bed having trouble sleeping just repeat over and over, “Can’t get to sleep, can’t get to sleep.”  Say it gently, quietly and softly in a sleepy tired voice.  Repeat it over and over in your mind and your deeper mind, the part that will follow any instruction you give it just hears the ‘Get to Sleep.’

Using Reverse psychology to sleep works better than affirmations or telling yourself to sleep because what you’re saying is the absolute truth as far as your conscious mind is concerned so there’s no argument and the subconscious only responds to the last part of the phrase.

Sleep well.

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