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Using EFT To Accept Pain

Using EFT To Accept Pain

Using eft to accept pain

Have you ever noticed how you react towards pain? When we feel pain we react in one of the following ways.

a. We ignore the pain, hoping it will go away
b. We get angry at the pain telling it to go away, leave us alone or stop tormenting us
c. We get depressed and blame it for making us feel down

None of this works but it doesn’t stop us from doing it. The last thing most of us would think of doing was to begin giving loving attention to the pain. However, not only can this help to alleviate the pain it can often affect the actual healing of its underlying causes too.

The reason this method works is because pain of any kind is the body’s way of telling us there’s something wrong and what is wrong is usually down to a lack of love. The pain is there to tell us that somewhere we are self-talking ourselves into a situation that causes us pain. Our body is trying to message us and is telling us to stop and change things.

The pain behaves much like a screaming baby in that it insists we pay attention to it whether we want to or not. If we try to ignore it, it will usually just yell even louder for the attention it needs and wants. Getting angry with the pain or even down about it only makes the situation worse.

When confronted with a screaming baby we all know that ignoring the child doesn’t work and it doesn’t help to hit the child or scream back at it. If we can’t identify the child’s distress right away, or we aren’t able to remove the cause, we will intuitively seek to comfort the baby by giving it loving attention.

Not surprisingly, this often works and the infant’s screams will often fade away as it realizes that its call for help has been heard, and that someone is there giving it loving attention. This same comforting, loving behaviour can be applied to any physical distress of our own that may be screaming for our attention.

Suppose for example that you are suffering from a severe headache and nothing you have done has helped it. You may decide to provide comforting and loving attention using EFT to the painful area.

The Method of Using EFT to Accept Pain

You could try this:

• “Even though my head is screaming for attention, I choose to let it know I love it pain or no pain.”

Babies, heads, stomachs and any part of the body or mind wants to know that it is loved no matter what. Loved with no strings attached and no demands made upon it to feel better or to go away and leave us alone.

Once it has our loving, and totally accepting intention, instead of our annoyance or anxious insistence that it go away or shut up, the pain, like the crying baby will start to calm down at having received unconditional acceptance.

When confronted with pain or acute physical distress of any kind an excellent way to handle it is like this:

• “Even though I have this pain, I choose to give it my loving attention.”
• “Even though I have this pain, I choose to hear its cry and give it love.”
• “Even though I have this pain, I choose to recognize its cries for comfort and give that comfort with all my heart.”

The ways to formulate the statements are endless but the point is to understand the principle behind the statements. You will be changing the whole dynamic from un-acceptance and anger, to acceptance and kindness.

Tap one round using the negative after each set-up phrase and one round using the new choice.

Try this next time either you or someone you know is in pain. It may be the best way you can help someone else to heal.
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