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The Key to Happiness

What is the key to happiness?

You live in a world that is mentally caused.  Knowing this truth is the key to happiness.  Whatever you think about materializes as your experience.  Here and now you are creating your own destiny, in accordance with what you allow yourself to think day by day.  The things that enter your life are the expression of some belief in your own mind.    A Law of Correspondence operates on your belief to give it form in the outer world of appearances, so the home you live in, the work you do, the people you meet, and everything else in your life are all a direct product of what you are thinking and believing.

A metaphysician named Emmet Fox coined the term ‘mental equivalent’ to refer to this concept.  For anything you desire in your life, whether that be a healthy body, financial prosperity or happy and fulfilling relationships you must first supply a mental equivalent.  This means you must form in your mind a clear and specific image of what you want as an end result.  When you do this it must come to you.  And if there is anything in your life you don’t want any more stop thinking about it.  What we focus our attention on we get more of, so focusing on what we don’t want just brings more of that into our lives.

Scientific research is proving the inter changeability between matter and energy.  At a very fundamental level, they are one and the same. We live in a Universe of energy.  Everything that seems to be solid is actually made up of energy, including our bodies.  Thought is also energy and the energy of thought acts on all other energy changing its form.   The basic nature of the Universe is not solid or fixed but always in flux.  Form continually changes as the energy behind it is redirected or re-imagined.  This process is sometimes a gradual one but however long it is in coming, if you persist in holding the mental equivalent of the new form in mind it will appear.

What if you had the key to happiness?

The secret of successful living is to build up in your mind an idea of what you want.  To do this some people use the technique of visualization, in which they mentally ‘see’ the new home, the world at peace, the completed book, the higher income, the new job or whatever it is they may want to bring about.  Another technique is treasure mapping or creating a vision board.  Constantly viewing the treasure map or vision board causes the mental equivalent to become firmly established in the mind and then the person’s outer experience eventually reflects it.

When you think about something you want and hold the image it is attracted towards you.  And when you think about something you don’t want and hold that image it is also attracted towards you.  Whatever we think about we attract.  When we hear of someone else doing well or we see someone else having what we would like and we resent them or criticize them we are pushing away our own good.  When we feel resentful we get more things in life to feel resentful about.  If we think life isn’t fair then it isn’t.

To get what we want we must focus on what we want and only what we want.  Protesting against war only creates more war; the war on poverty creates more poverty as does the war on drugs etc.  Mother Teresa knew this simple concept and always refused to attend anti-war rallies, saying, “Let me know when you have a pro-peace rally then I’ll attend.”

Railing against ‘what is’ only creates more of ‘what is’ while changing the focus of your thought onto what you want starts to create that instead.  Read more about how you can change your life, here.

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