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The Focus Factor

  • The Focus Factor – What do you want in relation to your life?

If you are like most people you will have said ‘I want to stop feeling depressed,’ I want people to leave me alone’ or ‘I want my wife/husband to stop nagging me.’

One of the most basic psychological rules in life is ’you always get more of what you focus on.’  Yet in each one of the examples above, your mind has to focus on what you don’t want in order to make sense of what you said – the depression you want to get rid of, the people you want to leave you alone, or the nagging you want to stop.

This not only reinforces the image you have of yourself being depressed, harassed or nagged it tends to leave you feeling helpless, hopeless and unmotivated. And because this is an energy Universe and Universal energy responds to whatever you focus on, thinking about what you don’t want just gives you more and more of it.

If only I’d known these things all those years ago when I spent most of my time thinking about being unfairly treated and being angry with those who I believed where doing it.  It was the best time of my life when I found out that I caused all of that unfair treatment.  That meant that I could do something about it.  I was no longer a victim of circumstance.  I started to work with Universal energy instead of working against it and I found to my joy that it responded to me.

The focus factor ensures that when you redirect your focus exclusively on to what you want – to feel vibrant and alive, to enjoy a peaceful life with cooperative people or to have a happy and fulfilled marriage – you are sending a message to your subconscious mind to find and explore every possible opportunity to move towards your goal.  By clarifying and vividly imagining exactly what it is you want for yourself, you are beginning the process of training your mind and body to give it to you.

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