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What Causes Aging?

Swearing Makes You Old

Cussing makes you old

Your body is composed of cells which are constantly renewing themselves. You breakdown and replace over 24 Billion cells a day. As each cell is renewed it is, just like a child growing up in a family, influenced by the mental atmosphere of the parent. If you are in a foul mood, feeling depressed, helpless or hopeless, if you hate your job, your partners or children’s behavior or you are constantly criticizing the people and circumstances of your life or that of others you cells are being renewed in a destructive mental atmosphere.

Each of your cells is both a transmitter and receiver. Your new cells inherit their memory from their parent and then give out and pick up information using receptors which are part of their structure. Within each cell there is a light containing information and that light contains a vibrational frequency also known as a living light code. Vibrational frequency has a relationship in how a person communicates and feels. The words and thoughts that a person chooses to use to convey his or her intension assists in either raising or lowering their vibrational frequency. If you are happy and positive your cells are too.

If you choose to use empowering words this will assist in raising your vibrational frequency. If however you continually use vulgar or dis-empowering words or phrases then the opposite will happen. Your cell renewal doesn’t halt until you get back into a good mood and stop cussing it goes on all day and all night. The reason a baby has beautiful smooth and elastic skin is because the child is not yet full of incorrect beliefs, angers and hatreds towards others. They haven’t had time to learn any of that yet and so their cells renew in their mental atmosphere of this time.

Swearing Makes You Old

The older we get the more negative we get and it has become normal to use swear w0rds all the time.  Even those who should know better swear these days and every television program is filled with negativity. Every time you blaspheme your cells are picking up on the negativity and responding in kind but it’s not just swearing that makes us old.

As we grow we find people and situations to hate, things we can’t forgive people for and mostly, as humans, the person we often dislike the most is us. A baby knows only self love and it’s love for itself is out pictured in its countenance and body. It doesn’t learn to be self critical until around the age of 5 years old.

Thinking positively will keep you young. People who are described as ‘young at heart’ are positive. Positive thinking attracts and negative thinking repels.
Try this exercise to find out how your cells are feeling.

• Sit quietly with eyes closed
• Pick a spot in your body that feels tight or painful
• Concentrating on that spot imagine the cells within that region and get e sense of how they feel
• Are they fed-up, depressed, angry or are they happy and carefree
• Are their heads bowed under constant pressure or are they singing and dancing

I’ll assume that if you have concentrated on a tight or painful spot that the cells within that area are unhappy and under pressure.  Now, deliberately send happiness and love into that area. Let yourself smile inside. Talk inwardly to the cells and tell them everything is OK imagining them as a small child sulking and unhappy in the corner that you are using words to draw out of her/his unhappiness and to come and play again. Imagine your cells receiving your positive attention and love and see them sit up and start to recover just like Willy’s fin did in the film ‘Free Willie.’

You can play a little game with yourself by imagining your cells partying inside and when you do that your whole demeanor will change. You’ll feel happier instantly and your cells will be renewing in a happy mental home. Do it often enough so that it becomes a habit and you will grow younger instead of older.

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