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Spiritual Laws Sessions

spiritual laws sessionSpiritual Laws Sessions

This is a Universe of Spiritual Laws. Like the Law of Gravity, these laws are invisible to the naked eye, yet always in operation. If we agree with them we can prosper and do well, but if we oppose them or ignore them we will surely suffer from the consequences. Gravity will never turn off because it can’t and these spiritual laws will not turn off either.

Universal Laws

Many people have heard of the Law of Attraction, or the Law of Karma, yet they may not understand exactly how they work. There is a Law of Intention that is just as powerful as the Law of Gravity and every thought we have is in actuality an Intention. What are you intending with your thoughts?

If you are constantly focussing on a problem, whether that be not sleeping, hating your job, or being in debt, you will, because of these immutable laws get more of that, or them. That’s because whatever you focus on the Law thinks you want. However, once you understand that the answer to the problem will not be found in the problem. Instead it will be found in the solution to the problem; the solution is the opposite. That would mean, a good night’s sleep, a job you love, or being debt free.

Because of the Law you will immediately start to head in the direction of your desire. That’s the way it works. It’s not magic, although it sometimes seems as if it is. It’s simply the way Universal Laws work. You are always headed in the direction of your thoughts.

There is a Law of Free Will, and so you are free to choose any thoughts. We are told in the Bible, ‘I kill and I make alive, I wound and I heal, it is I the Lord who does these things’ Deuteronomy 32:39. Change the word Lord to Law, because it’s one and the same thing and you’ll be able to see why this verse is true.

Our world is the result of our inner conversations crystallised on the outside. Those who focus on sickess are those who are most sick, those who focus on lack are suffering from lack, and I hear people all the time bemoaning their lack of sleep. Of course, all this does is make the problem worse. This is because the law is exact, it follows the attention of the person doing the thinking and just like gravity it cannot change anything until the thinker changes their thoughts.

Learning to work with these laws can literally change your life………………….

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