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Past Life Regression

Past Lives

Past Live Regression

Many people wonder whether what happened to them in a past life has any influence on the life they live today.  Sometimes people have unusual habits, fears, phobias or behaviours that are unexplainable and puzzling when seen in just the light of this life.  Others have feelings of familiarity when visiting places they’ve never been to before and they often feel a strange kind of affinity with certain countries or areas.

There have been several reported cases of children who have remembered living before and when their stories have been checked they have been found to be consistent with records and factual evidence.  These stories are reported all over the world and are growing in number with time.

Who was I in a past life?

Maybe you’ve lived hundreds of lives  in the past and will live hundreds more!   Consciously we cannot remember past lives yet these memories are held in the unconscious awareness and can be accessed using past life regression when in a deep relaxed state.

Your past life regression therapist is trained to ask the right kind of questions while you are in this relaxed ‘Alpha’ state of mind and elicit information from you that has always been there but has remained outside of normal consciousness.

Past life regression can be an adventure; an exciting trip into your own past lives.  The technique can unlock memories and allow you to enter other worlds of which you were a part in other lives.

A trained and experienced therapist can lead you and guide you back through time using hypnosis and visualisation techniques.  You will feel deeply relaxed and in this relaxed state the hidden memories can be reached and uncovered.

So what can you expect to find in past lives? Some people find that they have shared lives with people they are close to in this life and find they are living out Karma with those people.  Still others find out why they have always felt drawn to certain places or periods of history.

Each life is different and often the life you are drawn to out of the many can have messages for you in this life that can help you to move on in a better way.

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