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Past Life Regression West Sussex

Past Life Regression

Would you like to know if you have lived before?  Would you like to know what sort of life you lived, when you lived and where you lived?  Do you ever have those strange déjà vu moments when you’ve felt you’d been here before?  Would you like to know if a present day illness could be connected to a former life, or are you just curios about Past Life Regression?

It seems that there are many reasons for people to be interested in past lives.  You may want to know whether your present partner, or someone you lost, was with you in a former life.  Or, you could be curious about your children, or your choice of men or women.  Maybe you just have your own unique needs, wants, or reasons?

A past Life Regression Session(s) can be enlightening, rewarding, or even just a great experience, something to talk about with friends and family.  I worked with a client who was actually looking for buried treasure,  and another who was writing a book.  The author’s plot included a girl who had a past life regression and he wanted to experience it so he could write abut it.

Past Life Regression West Sussex

If you live within access to West Sussex you can explore your past lives, yes you’ve had many of them, and that’s why it often helps to have a reason for having a past life regression session.  It helps to let your deeper mind know, as you go into hypnosis what you are looking for.  If it’s just curiosity then take pot luck.  If it’s for any other reason we can let the part of your mind that holds all of your past memories what you would like to know.  Would you like to solve a problem or get insights into something.  Then it will take you into a life that can hold the answers to the question(s) you are asking.

One man asked, “Have I ever, in any era, been involved in a battle?”  Another, “Was I alive around the time of Christ.”  In my first Past Life Regression which was just for curiosity, I was a French nobleman.  I was rich, had lands and servants and lived in a typical French style chateau.  I had a wife and children and was living a privileged life.  However, I have conducted more Past Life Regression sessions where the participant was poor and underprivileged; yet, all regressions can reveal things that have previously been hidden and can be very enlightening.

Please note:  I also conduct PLR sessions over Zoom and find them just as effective as when the client is in my office, so if you live further afield you can still enjoy the benefits of Past Life Regresssion.

If Past Life Regression Interests You

If it sounds Like Something You Would Like to Experience then all you have to do is.  Phone me on 01243 699646 or click on this link to pay by PayPal  

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Christine is a member of the Past Life Regression Society

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