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NLP Craving Buster

How To Bust A Craving – Try This Craving Buster


nlp cravings busterFirst of all think of something that would make you feel sick if you ate it, something completely repulsive to you.

Now whatever it is you’ve thought of, imagine it on a plate in front of you. Imagine how disgusting it is.  Then imagine smelling and eating the disgusting stuff in front of you.  If you picked something disgusting enough you’ll either feel like retching or you will actually retch.  As you imagine tasting it squeeze your thumb and little finger of either hand together.

As you press really imagine the smell and the taste of that repulsive ‘food’ in your mouth, imagine the texture of it and squeeze those fingers together until you feel absolutely revolted.

Ok, when you feel sick stop and relax your fingers.

Now, think of the food you like and can’t stop eating, think of it and imagine it in front of you now.  Make the mental image of the food you love bigger and bigger, make it gigantic until it’s bigger than you, continue making it bigger and bigger and draw it closer and closer until it envelopes you and you are in it and passing through it.  Carry on until the image has passed all the way through and is now behind you.

Craving Buster

When you’ve done that, squeeze your thumb and finger together again and imagine the food that disgusted you.  Now imagine mixing in the food you love with the disgusting food and eating them together.  Imagine the taste and texture and the smell.  Keep eating and squeezing until you feel quite sick and then stop. Relax your fingers.

Think about your favorite food now and notice how different it feels.

You can repeat this craving buster as often as you like until all craving for that particular food has dissipated and you are no longer a slave to your cravings.