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How to Manifest

How To Manifest Your Desires

how to manifest

Have you ever wondered how to manifest your desires?  Is there something you desire that you haven’t already got? If so, your deisre sits in the unexpressed realm waiting to be drawn into expression. The thing you desire may not have been invented yet and if so, your desire for it may bring it into the mind of an inventor who can produce it and bring it to the world.

However, if the thing you desire has been or is being expressed by anyone else and most of our desires are being expressed by peoples everywhere then to experience it yourself you must find a way to draw it into expression.

You draw things into expression by the process of aspiration and inspiration. Aspiration is something you do; an activity of mind and without it nothing changes. Whatever you give your attention to increases in your life and if you focus on the things you have already created; the overweight body, the shortage of money, the problematic relationships or the lack of success you’ll get more of it.

To effect change you have to aspire to something different. It’s no good fighting what has already been created; that’s focussing on the problem and doing so means the problem will get worse. It’s no good trying to ignore the problem; problems have perfected the art of popping into mind when they are least wanted and at the most inappropriate times.

If you don’t like what has already been created aspire to something different. You may aspire to be slim, solvent of happy. You may aspire to get a better job, a pay rise or a new car but without it you will get nothing of the sorts. To aspire to something means to desire it and to focus on it. Aspiration sounds a bit like respiration and when you aspire to something, each time you think about it and focus on it in imagination (the unexpressed realm) you breathe life into it.

Respiration means to draw air in and to breathe it out. Aspiration also sounds like inspiration and when you aspire you breathe out and spiral/vortex of energy into the unexpressed realms, otherwise known as ‘Heaven’ and then you receive back inspiration. Inspiration also spirals back down from ‘Heaven’ and ideas come to the aspirer; he who aspires.

Here’s how to manifest your desires

Choose the things you desire. Breathe life into them by giving them attention in the mental realms, (sometimes called the Kingdom of Heaven). Everything now seen comes from the unseen and began its life there. Feel how good you will feel when you have achieved the things you aspire to. Do it often; the more attention you give the things you aspire to the more life you breathe into them and the quicker they appear.

Ask solution based questions; ‘how can I do this,’ ‘what’s the best thing to do right now,’ ‘where can I find this information,’  and wait for inspiration. Inspiration comes from above. Inspiration spirals back down from above; leading you and guiding you to do the right things, to look in the right places or the find the right information.

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