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How To Create Your Future

Conceive It, Believe It, Then Achieve It.

Goal Setting

Before anything can be achieved it has to be conceived.  Everything comes from mind, everything is created there.  Whenever you think, and you never stop thinking from the moment you become conscious in the morning to the moment you return to unconsciousness at night, your thoughts are creating pictures in your mind.  If you’ve ever pondered on, “How to create my future,” this post may give you some insight.

You see in two distinct ways.  You see with your physical eyes at what seems like reality ‘out there’ and you also see with your inner eye in what is called the ‘mind’s eye’.  Thinking creates the inner pictures and you think all day so therefore you are running a continuous inner movie in the mind.  It only stops when you go to sleep and the instant you awaken it begins again.

Many people think their thoughts are inconsequential; they think they don’t matter and yet, it is those inner thoughts that create the seeming reality ‘out there’.  Everything is made of consciousness and consciousness is like streaming video.  It starts on the inside as a thought picture and ends up on the outside as a circumstance, an event or an actual physical thing.

Nothing, and that means absolutely nothing at all, in the history of the Universe ever came into existence without the action of thought.  God or Nature created all of what we call the natural world and then man was gifted the ability to create.  Sure, God or Nature is still creating the natural side of life but we, the human race, for good or bad are the creators of everything else.

We are higher beings, above the animals, simply because we are the only creatures endowed with the gift of imagination and the gift of speech.  We, above all other creatures can imagine a world different from the one we live in.  We alone can pass on information to each other and to the younger generation, in the beginning through word of mouth and latterly through the written word.

It is these abilities that have brought us from our lowly caveman roots to where we are today.  First we had to desire a safer existence and then we had to conceive it before we could perform the actions that made it possible.  This is how it has always worked and always will.  Desire creates pictures in the ‘mind’s eye’ of that which is desired and then action follows until the thing desired is manifested.

Obviously the more precise you get with these inner instructions the better.  The conscious mind conceives and the subconscious mind creates.  The subconscious mind is continually doing your bidding and yet it can only work with the instructions it is being given.  Imprecise and unfocused plans will create indefinite results.  Imagine buying a plot of land, hiring a builder and saying, “Build me a house.”  You will end up with some kind of dwelling but it may not be anything that pleases you.

And yet we all have at our disposal a ‘master builder’.  The subconscious mind has an unlimited capacity; after all, it is this part of mind that is behind all of nature.  It is this part of mind that Jesus called the Father and is why he was telling the truth when he declared, “I and the Father are one.”  It is not your mind; it is ‘the mind’ and you live in it.  You are part of it; it is at your disposal, your faithful servant, the genie in the lamp.  It is continually giving you the result of your inner pictures, the things you see in your mind’s eye and that are precisely why, if you want success, you have to first know what it looks like.

This is how hypnotists have worked for hundreds of years, and how the subconscious mind has always worked.  You give it a picture of the end result, using your words or thoughts; you create an inner picture and then the subconscious mind works out how to take you there.  You do it all the time without even thinking about it.  It is how you’ve always worked and how you will carry on working until you stop working altogether.

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