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How Can I Lose Weight Fast

How Can I Lose Weight FastEvery one is asking the question, ‘How Can I Lose Weight Fast.’ First of all, before embarking on any diet, set a goal. What do you want to weigh and when. There is absolutely no point in being on any diet if you haven’t done this first otherwise all you are doing is being on a diet.

Decide what weight you want to be and decide realistically when you can achieve it. When you’ve decided what and when, write an affirmation. (By August I am thrilled and delighted to be my perfect weight of 10 stone and to have a fit, healthy and toned body) Write the affirmation on a dozen Post-it notes and stick them in strategic places.

To make this affirmation stick you will need to repeat it with feeling many times in the day, especially in the mornings on awakening and at night while dropping off to sleep.  As well as this it will pay to get a journal and write down an expanded version of your goal.

Make it present tense like the affirmation above. “By August I am thrilled and delighted to be my perfect weight of 10 stone and to have a fit, healthy and toned body. I have a great tan and I love the way I look in my bikini. I turn heads as I walk confidently down the street admiring my reflection in the shop windows. I feel glamorous and attractive and I look amazing in a pair of skinny jeans and a simple white shirt.” etc etc.

Write in your journal every night, not just about your weight but about everything you wish to achieve.  Expand on the story, decide what you’ll do as the slim person you are becoming and most importantly decide how you feel.  Feel those feelings in the now as you describe them.

Once you’ve set the goal ask the right questions.  “How can I lose weight fast.” “What do I need to do to achieve this goal?” “How can I get there easily.” “What’s the best way to achieve my goal.” Your mind has all the answers, you know what to do already and when you ask solution based questions the answers will come to you.

The best advice I can give you is this. The food we eat makes us either healthy or unhealthy, it doesn’t make us fat. What makes us put weight on is the amount of food we eat. An unhealthy food eater can be skinny; many are, and a healthy eater can be as fat as butter, meaning they too are unhealthy.

Overeating at just one meal in the day means you will increase in weight and size that day, that’s why all the people who starve themselves all day and overeat in the evening are fat.  If you’ve spent years counting calories it’s time to stop now.  Instead, make your hand into a fist and look at the size of it.  Really study the size of your fist because it indicates how much food you should actually eat.

How Can I Lose Weight Fast

Nature is very clever and has given us all an easy measure to let us know how much food each of us requires to be healthy. Your fist is the size you need. No more and no less.  Check your fist size against those of your friends and family and see the difference.  My fist is very small and some of my female friends have much bigger fists, meaning they can eat more than me.  It may not be fair but it’s a fact.  I may be cleverer or prettier than them, it’s just one of those things.

Find a small bowl that is around the size of your fist.  Mine is a small Chinese rice bowl.  I use it to measure my food, naot all the time but most of the time.  The times I don’t is when I know that the food I am about to eat is well within the limits.  Eat only your fist size portion of food at every meal and no more and the weight will simply fall off.

Think you’ll be hungry? If you are it’s all in the mind and is happening because  you are affirming it. Unless you tell yourself you will be hungry, you won’t! It is overeating that creates hunger. The more you eat the more food you crave. Immediately you eat the correct amount of food for you the cravings go.

There’s a magic to eating your fist size of food, it’s as if a fairy godmother made all your wishes come true.  Do it and see.

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