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Goals & Affirmations

The key to getting what we want is to first decide what we want to achieve.  Even if that involves letting go of something we have to turn it around into a goal and make it something we are heading towards.  Only then is it achievable.

Example:  “I want to stop smoking ,” becomes, “I want to be a non-smoker.”  “I want to stop eating too much,” becomes, “I want to eat the right amount to be slim and beautiful.”

Remember, your goal, when spoken, must create a vivid picture in your mind of the end result.



Goal 1.  By November 2nd 2007 (my birthday) I weigh my ideal weight of 8st 8lbs

Daily Affirmations:

  • I am my ideal weight of 8st 8lbs.
  • My jeans fit beautifully and comfortably
  • I always eat the right amount to maintain my ideal weight
  • 8st 8 is a great weight
  • People comment on my weight loss

Once you have written down several affirmations it’s time to add feelings to them.  Feelings make them juicy and turbo charge them.

  • I feel so attractive at my ideal weight of 8st 8lbs.
  • I am so relieved that my jeans fit beautifully and comfortably
  • I am focused and I always eat the right amount to maintain my ideal weight
  • I feel radiant at 8st 8 it’s a great weight.
  • I am encouraged when people comment on my weight loss

Now it’s time to really imagine yourself in social or private situations really living each affirmation.  Take one affirmation at a time and imagine yourself vividly in a situation looking and feeling that way.

Taking the first affirmation you might imagine yourself looking in a full length mirror after getting dressed for work and seeing yourself at your ideal weight.  Looking over your shoulder at your rear, you have a huge smile on your face.  Yes, you imagine saying to yourself, I’ve done it.

See how comfortable your clothes fit and how well you look.  Use your imagination to see yourself looking absolutely fantastic, and feel how attractive you feel.  Imagine turning heads as you walk from your car to the office, and imagine work colleagues commenting on how well you look.

Once you have imagined this scenario you can either keep it exactly as it is and imagine the same scene often, or keep it and add to it.  Notice that some of the above affirmations are based on the way you look, some on the way you want to act and one is based on the comments of others.

Taking affirmation three you might imagine being at a party or reception or even out on a meal with friends and imagine eating the right amount.  Instead of a plate piled high imagine a plate with a reasonable amount of food on it and imagine feeling restraint and feeling very good about it.  Imagine a feeling of empowerment and control.

Up till now you’ve been imaging your own comments to yourself.  When you imagine the fifth affirmation, imagine hearing the comments of others.  Make it up.  I know you can.  Imagine how many times you’ve imagined  someone making disparaging remarks to you and you’ve practiced your comments back to them.  Imagine being at home with family and friends or in the office and imagine people commenting on your weight loss.  Imagine them congratulating you and imagine you thanking them and feeling encouraged.

Once you have imagined each affirmation separately you will have an image of each one in your mind.  Now remember, your subconscious mind, the part of you that runs your body, has no way of knowing whether the pictures you give it are real or imagined.  When you say each affirmation and recall the scenes to mind as you do it, adding to them and changing them as required, your subconscious mind sees a new you.  You are, in effect, changing the pattern, and the part of you that acts on your instruction has no choice but to follow that pattern.

As you get better at it, you can blend all the affirmations into one.  See yourself at a meaningful time in the future, perhaps a birthday, Christmas or a holiday and imagine a scene from that time.  See yourself as you want to be, listen to your thoughts, hear the comments of others and get as many senses into the imagined sceneario as possible.

The next thing to do is to turbo charge the images with emotion.  Bring them alive!  The word e-motion stands for e = energy + motion.  When we add e-motion to anything we are giving it energy.  Energy is power, and the more emotion we give anything the more power it has.  This works equally well with our fears.  Have you ever noticed how easy it is to add e-motion to something you fear?

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