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Get Slim With The Chew Chew Diet

Can You Get Slim With The Chew Chew Diet?

the chew chew diet

This is an article by actor Bruce Byron, who plays DC Terry Perkins in The Bill. He’s been dieting for several months apparently and also writing a column in the paper giving his top tips for losing weight.  He shows us how he can get slim with the chew chew diet.

The Title:

I’ve lost even MORE weight. My secret? The chew chew diet.

OK, FELLOW fat felons, this week we’re cutting straight to the chase, with dieting tip number ten:

Chew your food

Yeah right, I hear you say, pull the other one Fat Bloke.  But stop I say, and just consider this: It takes 20 minutes for the stomach to send “I’m Full” messages to the brain, so if you chew everything properly (give it a good 10 – 20 chews per mouthful), you’ll be stuffed before you can say double cheeseburger with fires. There won’t actually be any room for any more.

True you might not make the ideal dining companion – never masticate on a first date – but as they say, there’s no gain without pain for someone. Honestly I make it so easy for you guys. And I promise you that it really works. Since I started a few weeks ago, I’ve lost another – trumpet fanfare – 3lb. This is amazing since I’ve been struggling with the workouts………………………….he then goes on to say how lazy he’s been in the gym.

Bruce is one more person who has discovered that chewing slowly on the chew chew is an easy way to lose weight. (However, word of warning here I believe his 10 to 20 chews is an underestimate.  In Victorian times when this diet became popular the advice was to chew each mouthful 32 times.  Personally I have found that to thouroughly masticate a piece of steak takes anything up to 70 chews but maybe my teeth aren’t as good as they used to be.) 

Have you put it into practice yet? If not why not? It really is so simple to do and works perfectly as long as you do it that is. Or are you still making excuses like:

• I keep forgetting
• I haven’t got time
• I’ll start next week
• I’ll start after Xmas
• I’ve got too much on my plate
• I like my food too much

Ask yourself whether you really want to lose weight and if you can genuinely answer, “Yes,” then start now to do something about it. Stop making excuses and get determined. Start chewing slowly right now and see results before the next month is out.

Gastric Band Surgery v The Chew Chew Diet

There only difference between the two is the former costs a fortune, involves risk to health in both the short and long term and is permanent.  In other words, once you’ve undergone the operation you will be committed to using the chew chew diet for the rest of your life.  You will no longer be able to take huge bites and swallow down food that has been hardly chewed at all.

You will have to eat correctly (chew each moutful of food thoroughly and completely before swallowing) from the moment you come home till the moment you die.  Of course you could always liquidise food and drink it down but if you think about it a liquidised MacDonald’s and fries may lose it’s appeal as opposed to the real mccoy.

Once you slow down the rate of eating to what it should be, yes the modern way of eating is wrong, it’s not how we were meant to eat.  Fast food kills and fast food means any food that is eaten quickly, eaten without chewing and more or less swallowed whole.  Dogs tear at their food and gulp it down without either tasting it or enjoying it, we are not dogs we are humans and we should eat like civilised human beings.

If you are really serious about getting slim you can get slim with the chew chew diet without deying yourself anything, without going hungry or without calorie counting of any kind.  All you have to do is chew and stop when you have had enough, will you do it or will you wait until you have to be operated on and you are forced to do it?

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