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Free Self Hypnosis – 100% Effective Technique

You use Free Self Hypnosis Techniques Every Day!

We humans, if asked, would probably say we believe that when we awaken each day we are free to start a brand new day.  However, that is far from the truth.  By the time you open your eyes in a morning your day has already been pre-determined.  The day you are about to experience is based on whatever you were thinking about as you dropped off to sleep the previous night.

The period prior to sleep at night is the most important time of your day as the thoughts you think immediately before sleep can either make or break you.  Whatever you are thinking about in this period of time is taken into sleep with you and then worked upon all night long by your subconscious mind while you sleep.

Up until this point you may not have noticed that your morning thoughts and  those that flood into your mind when you awaken during the night are a continuation of the thoughts you took into sleep.  Then the thoughts you entertain in that sleepy morning state are pre-determining your day.

The sleepy state that everyone enters at night prior to sleep is a natural hypnotic state as is the morning period of sleepiness before your eyes are opened.  The evening state is called the hypnogogic state and the morning state the hypnopompic state.  These are two naturally hypnotic states that all humans enter at least once every day prior to sleep and on awakening.  In these periods of time the human mind is highly susceptible to suggestion.  Some say that in this hypnotic state the mind is over one thousand times more inclined to accept as true any suggestions it is given than in a normal waking state.

In both of these periods your body is relaxed, your eyes are closed; your brain waves have slowed down from your normal waking beta brainwave state.  You are experiencing an alpha level of consciousness akin to a deliberately induced hypnotic trance state.

While awake your subconscious mind is listening and responding to everything you say, hear and experience.  Everything is being made sense of, catalogued, put into memory banks and acted upon all day long.   When you drop off to sleep your conscious mind becomes unconscious and your constant mind chatter stops but this doesn’t mean the subconscious sleeps.

It stays alert and carries on with the regeneration of your body.  It carries on breathing for you, renewing skin cells, burning fat and digesting food.  It also carries on working on the thoughts you took into sleep with you.  Those last thoughts have absolutely no competition and they are worked on all night long.  On awakening in the night and in the morning your thoughts are always a continuation of last night’s thoughts and whatever you are thinking about in the sleepy hypnotic morning state is colouring and shaping your day.

Some people go to bed at night and as they lay down to sleep they go back through their day and think about all the things that went wrong.  They think about the things they failed to get done; the messy house, the pile of work on their desk, the pile of ironing, the dirty car or the fact they didn’t get to the gym.  They think of all the things they did wrong; the overeating they indulged in, the chocolate they ate, the harsh words or the arguments.  They go over their regrets and the things they feel guilty about and then they drop off to sleep.

When they awaken in the night the same thoughts immediately flood into their mind, sometimes keeping them awake for hours and when they awaken in the morning the same thing happens; it all floods back in.  The day then proceeds in a very predictable way; it’s a copy of the previous day; the house gets messier, the pile of work gets bigger and the worse it gets, the worse it gets.  You’ve found yourself in the film, ‘Groundhog Day’ and it sometimes seems like there’s no way out.

Free Self Hypnosis Techniques

But take heart, there is a way out and the easiest way to change your life is to change what you think about before you go to sleep at night and to take into sleep the things you want to achieve.  When you do this your deeper mind is working all night long on your dreams and aspirations and working on and finding a way for you to achieve whatever you’ve focused upon.  You are your own hypnotist and a very good one at that.  You hypnotise yourself every day so make sure you’re hypnotising yourself positively and you’re heading in the right direction.

Those who achieve the most in life are those who write lists of what they want to achieve for the following day, the week, the month or the year.  When you write down what you want to achieve you are instructing your mind to take you there.  Of course you could just as easily say or think what you are going to do but the memory is not as reliable as the written word.  There is something about writing goals down that makes them more concrete and more achievable.  You can talk about building your own home for years but it doesn’t become a concrete thing until the architect (you) draws up the plans.

Taking the time to write down what you intend to achieve in the next day, the next week or any time in the future is the best thing you can do each evening.  That way you are taking into sleep what you want to achieve and when you make the effort to do this on a daily basis your days will change beyond all recognition.  At the very least you could make a decision to think positive things each evening as you lay down to sleep.  Even a few minutes thinking uplifting thoughts and focussing on the things you want can and will work wonders.

This is the time to take yourself to the end of anything you want to achieve; to imagine it done and to imagine what you are saying to you now you’ve achieved it.  Add in as many feelings as you can, imagine the joy, the jubilation or the relief, whichever is appropriate.  Feel the smile on your face, the feelings of satisfaction and feel your chest swelling with pride if pride is fitting.  Take those images and feelings into sleep with you and your deeper, subconscious mind will take you there.

If there’s something puzzling you, something you would like to answer to or even something you would like more clarity on, the time prior to sleep is a good time to ask a solution based question about it.  Let the question drop into your mind prior to sleep and tell yourself that when you awaken the answer will be there.  This is a great free self hypnosis technique and one that really works.

I’m guessing that the majority of you automatically shower, wash your hair, clean your teeth and, if female, take make-up off at night before re-applying it  every morning.  The majority of us wouldn’t dream of going to bed dirty or leaving the house without cleansing our bodies no matter how much time it takes.  Just as you have developed habits of physical cleanliness you can develop an evening habit that cleanses your mind.

Your new evening routine will fill your mind full of positive clean energy and you’ll wake up refreshed, full of good feelings and ready to start your day.  You’ll be clean inside and out and instead of just sparkling on the outside your light will shine from within too.

To Your Success & happiness

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