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Fix Your Marriage Chichester

How to Fix Your Marriage – Chichester Area

how to get over a break up In many marriages communication has broken down.  Unfortunately, once communication has deteriorated, most people lack the skills to get it going back in the right direction. In fact, if you knew how to fix your marriage you would not be looking for help to do it.  Negative communication can include many things, from not speaking at all to sniping, arguing, criticizing or even grunting.

Negative communication can mean that one, or even both, partners can feel depressed, angry, insecure, rejected or disregarded.  It is also important to remember that, in conversation, it is not necessarily the words that the other person is reacting to.  Tonality, the way someone says something, is often more important than words themselves.  Body language is also very meaningful too.  Sometimes a stony silence can wound more than angry words and negative communication can also include physical abuse.  (If you are being physically threatened in any way please let someone know and get immediate help.)

Is it Possible to Fix Your Marriage?