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Find a Perfect Mate Using EFT

find a perfect mateHow to Find a Perfect Mate Using EFT Tapping

Reading this article could show you how to find a perfect mate using EFT tapping.  Even though the method outlined here focuses on finding your ideal life partner it can be used for any complicated and major goal that has lots of different components in it.  Many goals have a number of different aspects such as finding the ideal job or the ideal home.

You can of course tap individually on each separate attribute of your ideal home, job or mate but the tapping could be long and arduous.  Trying to get everything into one EFT statement would confuse you and make each statement go on forever.

There is of course great benefit to be had by getting specific and listing ALL the desired benefits of the goal you want to achieve while tapping.  The tactic I am about introduce you to is an easy and beneficial way to do that without getting bogged down in the amount of desires.

First of all spend some time writing a list of all the attributes of your perfect partner.  Write down everything you can think of that is important to you in a relationship.  Make a list of what this person should look like, height, weight, dress sense, then list their likes, dislikes, religion, what sort of food they like, restaurants they like to eat in, how they like to spend their free time, family, friends, social life.  How do they feel about other people, handle disagreements, films, music and anything else that would matter to you.

If it’s a house you’re looking for or jobs, do exactly the same thing.  For a house write down location, roads, neighbours, local facilities, size of garden, noise, size of rooms, bedrooms, garden sheds, garage, friends for you children to play with and so on.  For a job, concentrate on work colleagues, superiors, company ethics, meaningfulness of the work, stress levels, salary, ease of access, parking, company perks and anything else you can think of.

Write as much as you can on day one and don’t worry about getting everything down as you can add to the list as the days go on.  You’ll find that as the days go on more things will come to you and you can add them accordingly.  Even if you think you don’t know what you want or can only think of one or two things, add them anyway and you’ll be surprised how, once the tapping starts, more ideas will come to you.

Find a Perfect Mate

Now, once the list is propagated, give it a name.  The partner list could be called, “My Perfect Partner,” or “My ideal Mate,” and both of these could be substituted by job and house.  Then, formulate and EFT Choices Statement using this title, thus:

“Even though there’s no-one in my life right now, I choose to find “My Ideal Mate”(from list) and have him feel the same way about me as I do about him.”

Or “Even though the person I’m dating right now isn’t the right man for me, I choose to find “My Ideal Mate”(from list) and have him feel as attracted to me as I do to him.”

Or “Even though I have no idea where I’m going to meet this person, I choose to have the Universe bring  “My Ideal Mate”(from list) to me now.”

Or “Even though I haven’t met him/her yet, I choose to know that he/she is out there looking for his/her ideal partner and I am that ideal partner.”

As you tap hold the piece of paper in front of you with all the attributes of your perfect partner on it and glance at it occasionally.  Your subconscious mind knows what you are referring to when you speak the words of the title you have given your list.

It’s ok to keep on adding to the list all the time and it is also good to read through it at least two or three times a week just to remind you of what is on it.

Love Christine

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Christine is an advanced practitioner and trainer and member of the AAMET