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Examples of Power Words

A power word is just that, a word.  More than one word is an affirmation but a single word spoken either mentally, or physically can be a power word.  The determining factor as to its outcome is the intention behind the word.   Intention is everything.  Intention goes out like an invisible force in front of you, paving your way.  Saying a word with the intention of healing or becoming more powerful adds to it’s effectiveness.

While affirmations are designed to manifest their energies at some future time the power word is designed to energize and change you or the given situation right now, immediately.   Triumphant, energy, energize, strength, stamina, might, strong, mighty, competent, skilled, acceptable, beautiful, beware, invisible, talent, love, health, find, notice, desirable, hearty, hungry, satisfied, content, happy, comfortable, easy, relaxed, forgiving, energy, awake, and on and on and on and on.

Virtually any word can be a power word if that be your intent.  Note that power words are spoken mentally.  It is important also to realize that you have a volume of degrees when speaking mentally.  Mentally you can shout, or you can whisper. Sometimes you want to shout the word, other times, whisper it. You will know as you realize you have that ability.

Obviously if you are using a power word to relax, be comfortable or to sleep, you want to whisper it, not shout it. Sitting in a dentist”s chair waiting for a drill, to shout the word relax will not work. Whispering the word however will send you off immediately into a pleasant state of comfort.

Have a go at power words immediately and notice how differnt you feel and also how differntly others react to you.  Try some on the tube on in the shops and have fun.