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EFT Training Courses UK – Accredited On-Line Training

What is EFT

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a technique that can help you to to release the negative past and move into a brighter future.

With EFT Training Courses UK, you will learn powerful techniques that you can use to help yourself and others.  You will gain the ability to overcome physical or emotional blockages that may be holding you back in life.

EFT is a powerful mind / body tool.  It has the ability  to clear physical and emotional blocks from your energy system.  Using your fingers to tap gently on certain meridian points coupled with intention can free you from your past.  EFT has often been reffered to as the healing highrise.  It is one of the simplest, fastest ways to heal from trauma.  It is matterless whether the trauma happened yesterday or many years ago, EFT can resolve it.

EFT Training Courses UK – Accredited

EFT  is easy to learn and to use.  Anyone of any age can learn, children and adults, and it is gentle, forgiving, and non-invasive.   Adults can teach their childen this handy tool so they can tap away distress throughout their childhoods.  Imagine if you’d had a tool you could have used to resolve your traumas as they happened.  These amazingly powerful EFT training courses will teach you everything that you need to know to use EFT for yourself and your family, or to set up as a practitioner so you can perhaps fulfil a lifelong ambition to help others too.

EFT Level 1 training will teach you how to tap on yourself, on friends, family and your beloved pets.  Level 2 training will take you to practitioner level, and those who choose to carry to Level 3 reach master practitioner level.

Please Note:  Because of current restrictions these courses are being held on-line via Zoom which means you can learn EFT without having to travel at all.  Christine is an accredited trainer with the British body of Energy Healing the EFTi

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