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EFT Tapping For Weight Loss

The Solar Plexus – The Body Brain

This article will show you how to use EFT Tapping for Weight Loss.  Using an unconventional method of contacting the part of you that is responsible for all weight gain and weight loss.

According the science there is only one brain; the brain that resides in the head. The ancients saw things differently however, they recognised a second brain. This second brain resides in the body and is commonly known as the solar plexus. The solar plexus is in charge of all bodily functions and is also the brain used by the subconscious mind.  It is the seat of all emotions; thoughts may arise in the cerebral brain but feelings arise in the gut.

The solar plexus is made out of the same stuff as the cerebral brain; in the growing foetus it develops before the cerebral brain and is central to the development of the body. Hidden deep within the body it is protected by the ribs and if damaged can lead to instant death. It’s possible to live with brain damage but impossible to live with a damaged solar plexus; a sharp blow to the solar plexus can be fatal.

We all know that feelings are associated with the heart and modern thinking believes that the heart spoken of is the physical heart but in actual fact all feelings arise from the solar plexus which is in the ‘heart’ of the body. All feelings arise from this part of the body because it is the storage area for all feelings and all emotional memories are recorded there.  We say, “I just had a gut feeling about it.”

The cerebral mind may play a part in recording all events but the part of you that is involved in recording and registering emotions is the body brain, the solar plexus. Much more ancient and primitive than the cerebral brain it is the instinctive part of you. You could survive without much of a thinking brain but not without a body brain.

The name given to this organ describes its function. Solar means ‘sun’ and like the sun in the sky it radiates energy out to all of the organs in the body; each and every cell receives the rays it sends out. If you feel happy your internal ‘sun’ is radiating out sunshine and if you feel down or depressed it is cloudy and raining inside. In other words, if you feel down your whole body is experiencing a low.

You were born with instincts, every living thing is, and then after birth each emotional experience has been recorded by this part of you. These emotional experiences formed your character. That’s why we’re all dissimilar; we’ve all had different emotional experiences. When you were hurt you made assumptions about your experience and may have unconsciously set up ways to prevent anything similar happening again.

All of your emotional memories are held here and you are being run by your old hurts and wounds without even knowing anything about it. All of your life you have been setting up coping mechanisms that have been designed to prevent you from feeling pain both physical and emotional. Have you ever wondered why you do some of the things you do even when you know that what you are doing is detrimental to your health and happiness?

You do those things because somewhere back in the past you believed that what you are doing made you feel better. It probably did for a while, taking drugs, drinking, overeating or any behaviour that numbs psychological pain always works for a while. There’s a honeymoon period for all of these behaviours before the very actions that were set up to help become another problem to be coped with.

The trouble is that by the time you realise that your coping mechanism has become problematic it’s been installed as a new behaviour.  Now, whenever you are triggered by certain feelings the coping mechanism kicks in and the urge to indulge in the behaviour kicks in. Now you have to get your fix, the cigarette, the glass of wine or the bar of chocolate becomes the main thing on your mind and the craving must be responded to. Does that sound familiar to you? If it does then you can be sure the behaviour is being driven by unconscious responses and by the solar plexus.

These unconscious responses affect every area of your life not just eating, food consumption and weight gain. Your level of success is probably being affected, your relationships and your health and fitness levels too. No doubt you have experienced emotional responses in most every area of your life and you’ll have set up some kind of triggers and coping mechanisms for every area.

So what can be done about these unconscious responses if they are unhelpful? First of all you have to realise that the solar plexus, the emotional heart of the body is responsive. Most of the time it sleeps; not the kind of sleep you engage in at night but it rests in a kind of reverie or dreamy state a bit like hypnosis. It never closes down fully and all the while it outputs whatever has been programmed into it. Highly attuned to feelings it reacts in its usual habitual way to stimulus.

The instinctual brain is on constant alert for danger. An unusual noise in the night can have you wide awake and listening acutely in a second. It is always listening and watching but if nothing unusual is happening it will quietly and dreamily carry on doing what it has always done. If you want to make the solar plexus sit up and take notice however, you can do it by creating emotion.  The stronger the emotion, good or bad, the more notice it will take or you can wake it up by talking to it and telling it to wake up in the same way you’d get a sleepy boy out of bed for school.

You can imagine, can’t you, the following scene. A sleepy teenage boy who likes to slumber on each morning and who if not woken will sleep till noon suddenly hears a fight going on between his mum and dad, that wakes him up, it’s unusual, its loud, it could be threatening and it’s probably upsetting. If that boy doesn’t leap out of bed he’ll at least be wide awake and listening, sleep, for the time being forgotten. The other way to get him awake would be to shake him, speak to him in a loud and commanding voice and insist he awaken and get out of bed.

The exact same tactics work with the solar plexus. It always wakes up and responds to anything unusual, just in case it’s dangerous, and anything emotional has it instantly alert. Apart from that you can wake it by using the methods outlined above. Once it’s awake you can set it to work and it will do your bidding. All you have to do is tell it what you want it to do.

The captain of a ship doesn’t usually know much at all about the workings of the engine room of his ship but the chief engineer either knows everything or has people under his command who know everything needed to be known. If there was a mechanical problem in the ship the captain wouldn’t try to solve it, he’d speak to the chief engineer and get him to solve it. He wouldn’t fret over the problem either; he’d simply put all of his trust in his chief engineer and expect the job to get done.

Think of it this way. All humans come, like computers, with hardware already installed. The beliefs, ideas and habits we then accumulate are like software that is installed by us as we go through life. The chief engineer, the solar plexus, has been there throughout; present at each individual new software installation. This part of you knows all of the inner workings and can de-commission any program that is no longer needed. It can literally do anything that is required of it if it’s only woken and instructed.

Nothing is beyond its capabilities and you only have to look around at the crazy things people are capable of to know that. When the solar plexus is excited by strong emotion and desire all logic can be overridden to the extent that a small and normally weak woman can lift a car if her child is trapped under it. However, if it is not asked, if its advice is not sought then it will carry on running the ship according to the software you’ve installed.

You can awaken the solar plexus by speaking to it directly. You may want to tap on the area of your stomach that lies directly above it and tell it silently or aloud to wake up. Tell it you’d like to talk to it and there are things you’d like it to do. You may want to begin by apologising for ignoring it all these years and for your lack of appreciation for the work it has been doing unceasingly. You may want to apologise for interfering with the perfect working instructions it was provided with.

You can ask it to revert back to its original blueprint, to seek out and remove all negative programming that is preventing you from achieving a slim and healthy body. You can literally ask it to do anything for you and while everyone’s engine room will be programmed in different ways there are some things common to all of us. The following tapping script addresses some of those issues but it is suggested you start with the script but do not stop there.

Instead, seek out and find those issues that are particular to you by allowing your chief engineer to search and seek and to adjust and build.

The tapping script is below:

EFT Tapping For Weight Loss

The Tapping Points:

Begin by tapping the Karate Chop point on the hand and continue tapping while repeating the opening statement three times (see below).

Note: In Acupuncture the “Karate Chop” point is known as the sorting out point. It relates to the small intestine where the Ancient Chinese believed we held all of our unsorted problems.

The Karate Chop Point:

The Karate Chop point (abbreviated KC) is located at the centre of the fleshy part of the outside of your hand. It is the part you would use to deliver a karate chop.

All you do, while repeating your statement three times is tap on this point with your other hand. Tap vigorously but without hurting yourself.

Note: It doesn’t matter which hand you use to tap, either will do. It is also possible to tap this part of the hand on any hard surface such as the side of your desk while on the telephone or the steering wheel while driving your car.

Note:  While the subconscious/solar plexus began it’s existence perfectly programmed to keep you slim and healthy all of your life you’ve re-programmed it over the years by believing things that aren’t true.  We install our own soft-ware programs and then, not realising it was all our fault we blame our genes, our bodies, our fate, our age, our medical history, food and circumstances of all kinds. 

This organ will literally do whatever you ask of it and all you have to do is tell it what you desire and not what you don’t want.  You desire to be slim, in fact you’d love it, I presume so say so.  Tell your solar plexus while tapping that you’d love it’s help to be slim and healthy and happy and let it do its work for you. 

Start Tapping:

• Even though I’ve never even thought of speaking to the chief engineer of my body brain and I’ve certainly never appreciated the work that part of me does. I can still love and accept myself and forgive myself for being thoughtless and unkind.
• Even though I had no idea that my solar plexus had intelligence and I have simply either ignored it or complained about the work it’s been doing, I can apologise and still love and accept myself.
• Even though my body brain has been dealing with all of my negative beliefs, ideas and habits for years without any appreciation or thanks, I forgive myself and apologise for my thoughtlessness.

Now tap around the acupressure points whilst repeating the following statements. Tap on each point as long as it takes to say the words:

The first tapping point is found at the inside of the eyebrow, just above and to one side of the nose on the inside edge of the eyebrow. This point is abbreviated EB for beginning of the Eyebrow.

Point two is on the bony part of the outside of the eye either side and this point is abbreviated SE for Side of the Eye.

Point three can be found on the bony part under either, or both eyes about 1 inch below your pupil. This point is abbreviated UE for Under the Eye.

Point four is in the small area between the bottom of your nose and the top of your upper lip. This point is abbreviated UN for Under the Nose.

Point five can be found midway between the point of your chin and the bottom of your lower lip. Just in the groove that most people have there. This point is abbreviated Ch for Chin.

After tapping on the chin point we go to the collarbone point. You will find point six about where your collar bones meet in the middle. This point is abbreviated CB for Collarbone.

When tapping on the Collarbone point it is advisable to use either all four fingers of your hand or even turn the hand into a fist and tap with closed fist. This way you reach a larger area and can tap on both sides together.

Point seven is under the arm, directly below your armpit and about level with a man’s nipple or a ladies bra. This point is abbreviated UA for Under the Arm.

Point eight is on the top of the head and once again it would be best if you used all four fingers to tap on this point. Tap around the middle parting, moving the fingers around if possible to tap as many points as possible. This point is abbreviated TH for Top of Head.

Tapping on The Meridian Points:

• EB (Eye brow) – I had no idea
• SE (Side of the Eye) – I’d never given it a thought
• UE (Under the Eye) – I’ve ignored it
• UN (Under the nose) – I’ve downloaded lots of negative software programs over the years
• CH (Chin Point) – My body brain has had no choice but the run them after I’ve installed them
• CB (Collar Bone Point) – I’ve lacked appreciation for that part of me
• UA (Under the Arm) – I’ve ignored that part of me
• TH (Top of Head) – I’ve been unkind

Start back at the eyebrow point:

• EB (Eye brow) – I apologise
• SE (Side of the Eye) – I’m really sorry
• UE (Under the Eye) – I had no idea I was been unkind but now I do and I’m sorry
• UN (Under the nose) – I’m forgiving myself as I apologise
• CH (Chin Point) – I can still love myself and appreciate my mind and my body mind
• CB (Collar Bone Point) – We can work together
• UA (Under the Arm) – I can ask it’s advice and enlist it’s help
• TH (Top of Head) – I’m really happy to be able to work together with my chief engineer

Now start on round two:

• Even though my solar plexus is sleeping I’m waking it up, apologising and enlisting its help. It knows the software programs I’ve installed intimately and it has the power to make any changes I ask of it so I choose to work with my chief engineer, I choose to know that my chief engineer is my equal and has all the knowledge needed to restore me to my inborn glory.

• Even though my chief engineer is busy running all the software programs I’ve installed and is not used to talking to me, I choose to awaken this department and put my trust in it to make the changes needed to enable me to become slim, healthy and happy. I know I have that power within me because it was installed in me at conception and I mean to return to that programming by enlisting the help of my body brain.
• Even though I know nothing of the workings of my body brain my chief engineer is intimate with every bit of software I have downloaded, every belief or idea that is unhelpful and every negative cellular memory that is held within me and I choose to enlist its help to begin unravelling and installing whatever is preventing me from being slim and healthy.

Now tap around the points once again:

• EB (Eye brow) – Wake up body brain
• SE (Side of the Eye) – Wake up and listen
• UE (Under the Eye) –I know that you are intimate with my belief system
• UN (Under the nose) – I know that you can locate any blockages that prevent me from achieving a slim and healthy body and from being happy
• CH (Chin Point) – You know and can locate every blockage and belief and you know why the barriers were erected and what I originally believed they protected me from
• CB (Collar Bone Point) – You know the beliefs that prevent success, you can see them clearly
• UA (Under the Arm) –You also have the ability to write new software that can protect just as well yet still allow success weight loss
• TH (Top of Head) – This software exists, you have access to it and I ask that you work on it

Carry on tapping:

• EB (Eye brow) – I know you can help me
• SE (Side of the Eye) – I appreciate your help
• UE (Under the Eye) – I tried to make changes consciously and now I’m enlisting your help
• UN (Under the nose) – You can restore me to my true glory
• CH (Chin Point) – I really appreciate what you can do for me
• CB (Collar Bone Point) – I am so grateful and thankful
• UA (Under the Arm) – You can write new software programs
• TH (Top of Head) – I can have all the protection I need and still be slim

Carry on tapping:

• EB (Eye brow) – You can develop new ways of dealing with stress
• SE (Side of the Eye) – Any software program can be developed
• UE (Under the Eye) – You can put new protection policies in place
• UN (Under the nose) – You can write anti-virus software to prevent me from being affected by negative energies from others
• CH (Chin Point) – You are capable of routing negatives and re-routing old programs
• CB (Collar Bone Point) – You have all the original blueprints
• UA (Under the Arm) – You can re-write my past
• TH (Top of Head) – I put my trust in you

Now start on round three:

• Wake up solar plexus and we’ll work together to become free. The majority of my negative software was installed before the age of seven and you’ve been running it ever since but now I’m requesting changes and from now on I’ll be working with you on an equal basis. Whatever was set up and is contributing to overeating is being deleted and replaced by new and life enhancing beliefs. I truly believe that you my chief engineer have the knowledge the authority the power and the time to root right back into the archives on my mind and make any changes that are needed. I choose to put my trust in you and to excitedly expect to notice changes in the way I relate to food.

• My excitement fully awakens you my solar plexus and I imagine orders being given and an enthusiasm for the job in hand. I eagerly anticipate changes in the way I feel and positive changes in my responses to stress that will affect my relationship to food.
• Even though I have no idea what the changes will look or feel like or how soon they will be noticeable I’m feeling excited and expectant and while I wait I’m doing my part by imagining myself slim and healthy and by constantly giving you positive pictures.

Now tap around the points once again:

• EB (Eye brow) – Wake up body brain and we’ll work together on this
• SE (Side of the Eye) – Hear how excited I’m becoming
• UE (Under the Eye) –Go all the way back, even pre-birth if you have to
• UN (Under the nose) – Root out all the negative conditioning
• CH (Chin Point) – Find every negative picture that is in my cellular memory and open it and fill it with light
• CB (Collar Bone Point) – Nothing negative is the truth so shine the light of truth on it
• UA (Under the Arm) –Let me see each negative memory through the eyes of love
• TH (Top of Head) – Even though I don’t know how that can happen I know that you do and I’m trusting you

Carry on tapping:

• EB (Eye brow) – I know you can change things
• SE (Side of the Eye) – Re-write my past
• UE (Under the Eye) – Fill my memories with light and love
• UN (Under the nose) – Help me to forgive those who I believe hurt me
• CH (Chin Point) – Help me to see only the truth
• CB (Collar Bone Point) – I’m eagerly awaiting and expecting a change in the way I feel
• UA (Under the Arm) – A feeling of relief; like spring there’s a change in the air
• TH (Top of Head) – I’m looking forward to change as old tangled worn out beliefs and ideas are dissolved and replaced with the truth

Carry on tapping:

• EB (Eye brow) – I ask and it is given
• SE (Side of the Eye) – Miracles are happening
• UE (Under the Eye) – The destructive memories that have prevented my success are dissolving
• UN (Under the nose) – I am developing a sense of peace and restfulness
• CH (Chin Point) – All is well just the way it is right now
• CB (Collar Bone Point) – All is well right now yet wonderful things are in store for me
• UA (Under the Arm) – I am free
• TH (Top of Head) – I feel contented and satisfied and I can wait for my wonderful future to unfold in peace

• EB (Eye brow) – I appreciate the help I am being given and all that my body brain is doing for me
• SE (Side of the Eye) – I accept myself just the way I am
• UE (Under the Eye) – My old beliefs are clearing and melting away and I am filled with total acceptance of others
• UN (Under the nose) – I have faith in the past, trust in the present and faith in the future
• CH (Chin Point) – I let go of judgement and replace it with unconditional love
• CB (Collar Bone Point) – I am good enough just the way I am
• UA (Under the Arm) – I love others and I love me
• TH (Top of Head) – The attributes I was born with awaken and express themselves

Now start on round four:

• I ask that you my body brain carry on healing me and responding to the pictures I provide you with. I ask that all negative cellular memories be deleted and replaced with light and love. I put my trust in you knowing you are the part of me that is receptive to my desires and loves me unconditionally. I know that you never disagree with me but only do my bidding and I choose to appreciate and love you as much as you love me.

• While you work on this project I promise to do my part by staying in daily communication with you, by appreciating you and loving you and my body and by thinking positively. I will love my body just the way it is yet carry on giving you detailed pictures of the slim me by describing exactly how I look and how I feel and I will act as if by talking and acting the part right now.

• I will allow myself to get excited and to anticipate the inevitable healing that is on-going and I will stay forever grateful for the part that you my chief engineer plays. Whenever I notice something that would make my life better if healed I will realise it has come into my conscious awareness for a reason and I will hand it over to you my faithful friend to be healed.

Now tap around the points once again:

• EB (Eye brow) – I am committed to my healing
• SE (Side of the Eye) – I am committed to working with my chief engineer
• UE (Under the Eye) –I stay in daily communication
• UN (Under the nose) – I provide the blueprint of the body I desire
• CH (Chin Point) – I imagine how it feels to be slim and healthy
• CB (Collar Bone Point) – It is ……………………………………(Fill in time or date)
• UA (Under the Arm) –I am a size……………………….
• TH (Top of Head) – And I weigh…………………………….

Carry on tapping:

• EB (Eye brow) – I am wearing………………………….
• SE (Side of the Eye) – and ……………………………………
• UE (Under the Eye) – My hair is …………………………….
• UN (Under the nose) – My face is ……………………………….
• CH (Chin Point) – I am dressed and ready to go to…………………………….
• CB (Collar Bone Point) – I feel………………………………………….
• UA (Under the Arm) – I look……………………………………
• TH (Top of Head) – I am ………………………………………..

Commit to tapping this every day for 28 days and be prepared to be amazed.
Acupressure Points & Emotions
For your information the acupressure points you tapped on relate to the following emotions:
• EB (Eye brow) – Bladder – Trauma – Frustration – Restlessness
• SE (Side of the Eye) – Gall Bladder – Rage
• UE (Under the Eye) – Stomach – Anxiety/Fear – Nervousness – Craving
• UN (Under the nose) – Governing Vessel – Embarrassment
• CH (Chin Point) – Central Vessel – Shame
• CB (Collar Bone Point) – Kidney – Grief- Anxiety – Insecurity
• UA (Under the Arm) – Spleen – Anxiety – Fear of the Future – Self Esteem
• TH (Top of Head) – The Anterior Summit – Depression – Headaches – Memory Loss

As you tap on them while thinking of a problem or what you want to achieve the tapping releases the trauma and memories that are held in the body and block the channels of energy from running freely. When all the channels of energy are open and free we are ‘in the flow.’ As everyone knows this is a great place to be as when you are ‘in the flow’ everything in life is working running smoothly.

To Your Amazing Success and Everlasting Happiness

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