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Craving Buster

Chocolate or Sugar Craving Buster – Special Offer

craving buster

Are you addicted to sugar?  Do your sugar cravings feel out of control?  Do you have to have sweets, cakes or biscuits every day and once you start eating sugary products do you find it nigh on impossible to stop?  If so you are not alone.  According to expert opinion sugar addiction is endemic in today’s society.

The increase in sugar consumption is responsible for the increase in diabetes and for many other modern diseases such as obesity.  Yes, fat is mainly caused by sugar consumption, not fat consumption as we were told.  People these days eat much less fat than they did years ago and much more sugar.  When we were misinformed that fat was problematic the fat was removed and the carbohydrate content (mainly sugars) was increased.

As long as you stay addicted to sugars and foods high in sugars and carbs you will remain overweight and we will be risking contacting a host of potentially fatal diseases too.  But now you have a chance to overcome your cravings.  You can be free!  Imagine how wonderful that would be?

Can you imagine going into a supermarket for your weekly shop and coming out with only healthy foods in your trolley?  Can you imagine going to bed at night feeling proud of yourself?  What if you could be one of those people who were content to leave the cakes and biscuits at work alone?  And what if you could do it all easily?  Can you imagine it?  I know you can and if you can, no matter how impossible it may seem right now, it’s a possibility.

Why not give it a go!  Join us at the Chichester Holistic Fair  (Like our Facebook Page).  The Chichester Holistic Fair will be held at The Assembly Rooms, Chichester on Saturday 24th August 2013 between 10am and 4pm. There will be a selection of treatments, therapies, readings and products as well as a tea room.

We’ll be offering 20 minute ‘Craving Busters’ for only £10.  Imagine that!  Imagine being free of sugar cravings for good.  Or take advantage of our half price therapy sessions.  Normal price £50 per hour slashed to £25 per hour when booked at the fair.  It really couldn’t get any better than that.

See you there.

Christine Wesson