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Change Your Focus To Change Your Weight

I was doing a bit of keyword research a few days ago and I noticed something very interesting but not surprising, for me anyhow. Thousands of people a day are searching the internet using terms like, ‘weight loss,’ lose weight,’ ‘how to lose belly fat,’ and ‘diets.’ That is where most peoples concentration lies. They are seeking ways to rid themselves of something.,

But, because this is a vibrational Universe which has ‘The Law of Attraction’ as it’s basis, saying ‘No’ to something actually means saying ‘Yes’ to it. When you give your attention to something you want or desire you are saying ‘Yes’ to it, you are including it in your vibration. And, when you give your attention to something by saying ‘No’ to it, you are also including it in your vibration. When you give no attention to something you do not include it in your vibration so therefore won’t attract it at all.

You absolutely cannot exlude anything you are giving your attention to, because your attention to it includes it in your vibration. Think of it like this. Imagine you were going on a journey. You are setting off from where you are now, overweight (Brighton) and you want to go to, a new slimmer and healthier you, (London). You’ve programmed your Sat Nav and you’re about to start.

To get to London, whether you are aware of it or not, you have to set your sights on London and you have to keep your eyes headed in the right direction, (In this case North). Every time you turn around and start looking South, you are heading back towards Brighton. Concentrating on being overweight, fat and out of control, (Brighton) is keeping you right where you are.

Setting off on a real live physical journey and going two miles up the road and then returning to base over and over again would be sheer madness and yet, if you are constantly going on a diet and failing that’s what you’re doing. And you thought you were relatively sane didn’t you? Ok, maybe not. If you really do want to get to London (a heathier slimmer you) then my advice to you is to set out once again, only this time keep focussed on your goal.

Every time you hear yourself say the dreaded words, ‘fat, overweight, diet or anything that is going to take you back to Brighton (overweight), stop and focus on where you want to go. And for goodness sake, enjoy the journey too.

Imagine two people setting off for London. One of them spends the whole journey complaining. “I hate this journey, there’s so much traffic, it’s so stressful, blah, blah, blah. And when I get there it’ll probably all go wrong, like it did last time, blah, blah blah.” Maybe they do eventually get to London but they hated every minute of the journey, and maybe they made themselves feel so bad they turned around and came home.

Person number two decides to enjoy the journey, “What beautiful countryside, what a lovely day. It’s so nice to see the sights and to live in such a lovely country. I love to see the big houses and the architecture of London. It’s so exciting to drive into the city. I’m really looking forward to getting to my destination.”

Person number two was travelling the same route but what a difference her/his attitude made. Focus on what you want and give no attention to the rest.

Bon Voyage, and send me a postcard when you get there.

Love Christine

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