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All Minds Are Joined

It has long been a Metaphysical and Spiritual belief that all minds are joined, or to put it another way, we are all one.  Recently science has proved that the mind does not reside within us, it is outside of the physical body.

As your mind resides outside of your body along with everyone else’s mind it seems the Spiritual belief is true.  As all minds are joined your thoughts are not contained within your body they are out there in the Universal mind.

What this means in practice is that whenever you are thinking about someone, the person you are thinking about picks up your thoughts subliminally (at a level below consciousness).  Obviously the person you are thinking about does not pick up your words consciously; they do however pick up your thoughts at a level below consciousness.

When the thoughts are picked up by the other person, they then start to think about you.  Have you ever had the experience of thinking about someone you haven’t heard from in ages and suddenly the phone rings and it’s them!  Or you have started to think about someone and when you ring them they say, “I was just thinking about you.”

This transfer of thoughts happens all the time whether you know it or not.  When you are in the company of someone you like or love, they pick up your thoughts about them and they act in accordance with those thoughts.  When you are in the company of someone we dislike and we think unkind thoughts about them they also respond in kind.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine meeting with someone you are angry with, someone at work perhaps that you either dislike or you believe dislikes you.  Can you feel the barrier between you?  That barrier prevents any real connection and the person with whom you are communicating, even if this communication is entirely within the mind, picks up your thoughts about them and they cannot help but act toward you however you imagine them to be.

Even though you weren’t aware of it, everyone you come into contact with hears exactly what you think about them.  When I was a child my Mother told me that I could think anything I liked about people as long as I was very careful about what I said.  My Mother was wrong.

Whether we are face to face with people or at a distance they pick up our thoughts.  Whatever you are thinking about the other person isn’t private at all.  In fact you might as well say it out loud to their face.

If you are thinking negative thoughts about someone they know it.  Let’s face it you know exactly who does and doesn’t like you don’t you?  Have you ever had the experience of looking across the street at someone and thinking bad thoughts about them, and when they’ve caught your eye you get the feeling they are reading your mind.  I know I have.

To further illustrate how this works I’d like to tell you a story about someone who came to see me with a problem.  The gentleman in question told me he was finding it impossible to get a job.  Despite being highly qualified he had applied for over 20 jobs over a six month period without success and he was desperate.

He had recently been divorced and on reviewing his life had decided that he hated his job in forensic criminology.  He moved to a different part of the country to be near his daughter and decided to retrain as a therapist.

He decided that although he really didn’t want to do the kind of work he’d always done he would apply for a job within that field to pay his bills until he qualified in his newly chosen career.  He had been spectacularly unsuccessful.

On questioning him I found that he had been employed successfully for many years and had never experienced a problem with getting employment in the past so he was perplexed at his failure to achieve what he wanted.

I questioned him about the jobs he’d failed to get and he told me that he had been told once that he was too old for the job and two prospective employers had told him he was over qualified.  The rest of the time he had simply been rejected.

I asked him why he thought he was over qualified for the two jobs in question and his reply was, “I didn’t think it, they told me I was over qualified.”  I repeated the same question back to him and again he gave me the same reply.  I insisted that the thought of over qualification came from him.

On reflection he admitted that he had thought he was over qualified for the two jobs in question, but he insisted he hadn’t mentioned that in the interview.  I told him he didn’t have to because the interviewer had picked up his thoughts subliminally.

He still wasn’t convinced so we moved on to the job he was turned down for on the grounds he was too old.  We went through the same process until he remembered that he had entertained thoughts that the job he was applying for was more suited to a younger person.  He was starting to get the message, but still not convinced.

We then moved on to all of his other job interviews.  He admitted that he didn’t actually want any of the jobs as he hated the type of work he was applying for, but he needed the money.

I asked him, “So would you give a job to someone who came along for the interview and insisted that he didn’t really want to do this work because he hated it but he just wanted the money,”  Again he replied that he hadn’t said that to the interviewer.  “No,” I replied, “But that’s what you were thinking and therefore the interviewer picked that up subliminally.”

He pondered on that for some time before asking, “So what can I do about it.” My advice to him was to go look for a job that he could enjoy, where he could make a positive impact and with the perfect hours to suit.

He took my advice and soon landed a half time post as a college lecturer with excellent pay.  When he applied for the job and at the interview he was thinking, “Yes this is a job I could enjoy, I’ll be good at this.”  This left him plenty of time to carry on his studies for his new career.

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