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The Art Of Self-Hypnosis Workshop

Learn The Art Of Self-Hypnosis

the art of self-hypnosisWhat is self-hypnosis? Self-hypnosis is a skill that can help you to achieve amazing results in your life. On this ‘Art of Self-Hypnosis Workshop’ you will learn skills that can help you to change the unconscious beliefs and patterns that may have been preventing you from being the best you can possibly be. Unconscious beliefs have often been around since early childhood and are the saboteurs that prevent success. You consciously want something but the unconscious beliefs get in the way and prevent it happening.

Both parts of mind are pulling in different directions and you are getting nowhere fast. During this training you’ll learn how to get your unconscious mind on YOUR side, so you can create the results you want.

What can Self-Hypnosis do for you?

The art of self-hypnosis is in understanding how the subconscious part of mind accesses information and learning how to feed it the kind of information that will result in successful outcomes. You are constantly thinking and your thought patterns create the life you lead. Learning the art of self-hypnosis will ensure you are able to create a successful life. What do you want to achieve? Many people have no idea what they do want and instead focus entirely on what they don’t want.

Whatever you focus on you get more of and that’s why learning the art of self-hypnosis can literally change your life. You’ll learn the value of goal setting, how to set the right kind of goals, the kind the unconscious mind will respond to and how to get the unconscious mind to accept them without question or quibble.

What Do You Want?

Self-hypnosis is about deciding what will make you happy and setting out to get it using self-induced trance also known as self-hypnosis. Do you want improved finances, happier or more loving relationships, a brand new relationship, a better job? What do you want? Once you’ve decided, self-hypnosis could provide the answer.

Self-hypnosis is an ancient art and although the techniques are proved to be successful and effective hardly anyone knows how to make deliberate use of them. Yet the techniques are easy to learn and are actually second nature for all humans whether they realise it or not.

Learning the art of self-hypnosis could literally change your life as self-hypnosis can help you to achieve goals, increase self-esteem, raise self-confidence and increase charisma and attractiveness to the opposite sex. Self-hypnosis can also be used to change you from being an unlucky person into someone who enjoys a much improved level of luck in life.

There isn’t anything that cannot be improved using the techniques of self-hypnosis. You deserve to learn the art of self-hypnosis to improve your life now.

At the conclusion of this fun and informative, ‘Art of Self-Hypnosis Workshop’ you will:

• Understand how to induce a hypnotic state quickly and easily
• Have the skills needed to formulate goals to achieve the best outcome
• Know how to influence your unconscious mind and get it on your side
• Be motivated to use your new found skills to change your life
• Be excited about practicing self-hypnosis to achieve your dreams

On this ‘Art of Self-Hypnosis Workshop’ you will acquire skills that can literally change your life.

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Date: Saturday 17th November 2012
Your Investment: £47
Time: 10am – 4.30pm
Workshop Venue: The Core, 13 The Square, Barnham, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO22 OHB

Workshop 1    Learn Self-Hypnosis – Saturday 22nd September 2012

Workshop 2    Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss – Saturday 27th October 2012

For more information or to book ring Christine on 01243 699646 or 07747 865982
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