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What is Future Life Progression

Can You See What The Future Holds For You?

Have you ever felt as if you keep on making the same mistakes? Do you feel as if you have some kind of a block that is stopping you from achieving your full potential? No matter how hard you try to be successful in life, relationships or business do you feel that something always seems to get in your way? It’s possible that you may have been repeating the same mistakes for more than one lifetime.

Past Life Regression can help you overcome seemingly irrational fears and phobias and blockages caused by traumatic experiences from a past life or lives. Finding out the cause can often help to let go of the problem, release unconscious fears and help you move on.

What is Future Life Progression?

While Past Life Regression has been gaining in popularity for many years Future Life Progression is less well known? The possibility of taking people forward in time came about when clients undergoing regression began spontaneously moving forward in time into the future. After much experimentation it was found to be just as easy to take people forward as it is to take them back in time.

Think back to what you were doing ten years ago. What were you struggling with then and how different would your life have been if you had been visited by your future self who could have warned you not to make mistakes, to waste time and money on certain projects or to trust certain people? With hindsight, how would your life be now?

Taking a trip into your future could help you to succeed by giving you insight in to what and who to avoid and what and who to focus on. Future Life Progression (FLP) can give you belief in your talents and dreams.

What is Future Life Progression

The experience of a Future Life Progression (FLP) session will be similar to being engrossed in a good movie or daydreaming. Future Life Progression can be used to find out what will happen if you take a certain course of action and this can be anything from your relationships, a career move or property speculation. Case studies have shown life changing experiences.

If the future you see is not to your liking you have the power to change it. You will benefit from having prior warning. It has been found that by looking at your life in say five years’ time and energetically connecting with it the results came come into your life so much sooner than the five year period. If you see the problems or solutions in the future you can go for them now.

Future Life Progression (FLP) can help business and business people to steer clear of costly mistakes and time wasting ventures. It can help businesses to see future trends and decide whether they are worthwhile buying into. Decision making on future ventures is easier with knowledge at your disposal.

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