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Help Me Sleep Hypnosis

Sleep Hypnosis – Insomnia Cure Using Sleep Techniques

Insomnia Hypnosis

Cure For Insomnia – Sleep Like A Baby

Working with the mind can help to overcome the problem of insomnia and enable you to sleep soundly every night.  Sleep problems usually begin in times of worry and stress but because the human mind is habitual they can carry on long after the stressful situation has ended and can even become lifelong problems.

Sleeplessness can become a way of life and you may believe there is little that can be done about the problem apart from taking medication and suffering.  However sleeplessness is not natural.  All human babies are programmed to sleep and without enough sleep you cannot perform to the best of your abilities.

Lack of sleep causes irritability.  Your concentration wanders and you may make silly and costly mistakes.  Many of the most deadly and costly road accidents are a result of lack of concentration often brought on by lack of sleep.

When you are tired decision making suffers. You may find yourself constantly putting off making important decisions until you feel better or brighter but if you are a long term and chronic insomniac you never feel really good.

Taking medication for insomnia may make you sleep but the effects are often apparent the following day and are experienced as lethargy and tiredness. There is a huge difference between drug induced sleep and natural sleep. Natural sleep revitalizes while drug induced sleep drugs the body which does not return to normal until the drug leaves the system. This never happens if you take daily medication.

The only way to feel alive and fresh each day is to sleep a natural healthy sleep each night and as you were programed to do that before birth the ability is still within you.  Insomnia is just another program that has somehow overridden the natural program you were born with.  A skilled therapist can enable you to sleep once again.

Why struggle along having hardly any sleep and feeling too tired during the day to function at your best, or even function in any way when a session or two can  have you cured from the problem of insomnia within a week?

Many people suffer with sleepless nights because they have got into the habit of doing it while others have things on their minds which they are turning over and over in the night. It really doesn’t matter which one best describes you as both are easily solved.

People have been amazed at how they have gone from long nights with hardly any sleep to being able to go to sleep easily on retiring and to return to sleep after awaking in the night.  Sleep comes easily when you know how to override the unhelpful program of insomnia.

Do it now you deserve it.

You’ll learn how to…………….

  • Relax your mind leading to sleep
  • Overcome the negative beliefs you have about being able to have a good night’s rest
  • Sleep without taking pills which tire you during the day

You’ll learn how to……………….

  • Make new choices (to let go of your worries in the night)
  • Eliminate the ‘yes buts’ (The objections- ‘yes but I’ve always been a light sleeper’ – ‘yes but it’s my age’)
  • Open up your mind to ‘see’ things in a different way(you will learn how to use your mind to relax)

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I don’t know what you did to me but I went from laying awake all night to sleeping soundly after just one session.  It was a miracle. 



Dear Christine,

“I am ever grateful for my EFT consultation with you.  I was amazed that after only one session the Insomnia  I’d suffered with for years, was cured!!   I now sleep right through the night every night and awake feeling much more refreshed.  I was ASTONISHED at the rapid effect of EFT and the simplicity of the techniques involved.  Thanks

Susan Harvey M.A.R