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Future Life Progression

Glimpse into your future with Future Life Progression

Future Life Progression

Christine trained as a Future Life Progression therapist with Anne Jirsch the founder of FLP.  Future Life Progression (FLP) is a process that can help you to explore your future. Similar to Past Life Regression Future Life Progression can be used to explore lives that haven’t, in chronological time, even happened yet and oft times people have leaped forward to lives hundreds and thousands of years into the future and even into lives on other planets.

Future Life Progression can be used in two distinct ways.  If you have ever experienced past life regression imagine that instead of going back in time you instruct the mind to move forward instead.  In this way you can jump into the future and what life is like hundreds  or even thousands of years ahead in time.

The second way Future Life Progression can be used is to take you into the future of the life you are living now and experience what the future holds for you.  This  technique offers the opportunity to help you in the here and now as, if you do not like the future you are heading towards you can change course in the now.   Future Life Progression can be used to go forward five or even ten years into the future and using a specially designed process it’s possible to three future scenarios.

Remember that each decision you make will take you in one direction or another and even small changes in the now have the ability to take you along a completely different path that the one you would travel on if the decision was put off or was made differently. FLP Future Life Progresssion can help you to understand where those decisions could take you and enable you to look at the outcomes. Some decisions can be life changing for the better while others can become costly mistakes. Future Life Progression can help you to make the right decisions at the right time for you.

We all do know our futures whether we are aware of it or not, after all we create them on a day to day basis. With a little forethought and understanding of this process you can go forward and visit (imagine) what life will be like five years into the future if you keep on doing the very same things you are doing now and doing them in the same way.

During your visit to this potential life your Future Life Progression practitioner will ask a series of questions specially designed to cover all areas of this future life. You can examine your work life, find out how much money you are earning and how healthy your finances are and observe how well your relationships are working. Some people want to visit the future to find out if they have found a life partner got married and/or given birth to a child or children while others are more concerned with careers or finances.

After fully examining the life that you will lead five years into the future and carefully investigating those areas that are important to you your practitioner will guide you into another possible lifetime. This time you can explore the future you will live if you make certain decisions in the now or within the next few weeks or months.

In everyone’s life there are things they believe they either should or could be doing but never somehow get round to. You know what those things are for you. Those things you were going to do last year but still haven’t done or maybe for you it’s the great idea you had but you just didn’t follow through on or the networking groups you were going to join but didn’t get round to it.

Using Future Life Progression techniques you can visit the life you would lead if you did or could do all of these things in the now or in the very near future. You can go through the whole scenario once again visiting all meaningful areas of life to find out what life look like having made the changes. You may find that a certain project or projects turn out to be a waste of time in which case you can drop them now before they cost you even more time or money.

Conversely, can you imagine how much more incentive you’d have to make those changes you’ve been putting off if you could see that life would be happier, richer, more successful if you made them. What if you could clearly appreciate the difference a few tweaks and leaps of faith could make, would you make them?

Note: Companies are hiring Future Life Progression Practitioners to help them to look into the market place five years from now and find out what the hottest sellers are in their field, where technology is leading and how banks and real estate is faring. Increasingly, those in the business world are becoming aware that we live in a unified field of consciousness that we all have access to and from which we can, using certain methods, download information from. For more information read, Rupert Sheldrake’s, ‘The Science Delusion’ or David Hawkins, ‘Power vs Force.’

After visiting two future possible lives you can, if you wish, visit a third life. This life would be a life you could lead if all of your dreams come true. Once again, the majority of us have dreams of living an unlimited life. We sometimes keep these dreams to ourselves in case others deride us for having such outrageous ideas. Sometimes we tell others what we’d love to do if we had the money, the expertise or the luck but we say it wistfully perhaps, knowing and implying that it will never really happen.

In life three you will be led into that life; a life where all limitations have dissolved and you are living an unlimited life. In this life all of your dreams will have come to fruition. You can be as successful as you choose, have the house of your dreams, the car you’ve always wanted and the happy family you’ve perhaps always wished for. Once again all areas of this life will be visited and examined and you’ll be led to feel how you feel while experiencing the happiness and joy of living the life you choose.

If this would be the life you’d choose to live your practitioner will use an NLP anchoring technique to lock the energy of the feelings of this dream life into every single cell of your body, turning it into a cellular memory. When this process has been completed the unlimited life will begin to be drawn towards you and you toward it. As you stay focused on your dream life, one day the two will meet and you will find yourself living a completely different life than the one that was in store for you had you not experienced this process!

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