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Tips to Counteract Panic Attacks

Using Reverse Psychology to Counteract Panic Attacks

Whatever you fight grows stronger, the reason being is that when you are fighting against something you are focusing on it.

If you suffer from panic attacks you probably say to yourself, “I don’t want to have a panic attack,” or “I hope I don’t have a panic attack.”  Both of these statements give the instruction to your deeper mind to do just that.  Instead say, “I’m going to be cool calm and collected and enjoy this little trip.”

The Panic Attack is your friend

The panic attack is actually your friend.  It is your body’s way of alerting you to the fact that you have been thinking scary thoughts that have brought on the ‘fight or flight’ response.  If you can start to treat it as a messenger and thank it for its warning it will feel heard and will have to act less and less.

If it’s too late and the panic attack has occurred, don’t fight it.  In the past you’ll have probably said to yourself, “Oh no, I’m having a panic attack!”  Maybe you say, “Please stop, I don’t want this,” or “Stop, stop, I don’t want this to happen.”  Whatever words you use are just fighting with what’s happening and won’t work to let go of the tension.

Instead try this when the panic attack comes on:

  • Welcome it
  • Tell it to do what it has to do
  • Invite the panic attack to carry on
  • Use words of love
  • Tell the panic attack you love it for helping you to see that you have been thinking negatively
  • Accept the panic attack
  • Let go of the fear and instead become curious

Say, “Oh here comes a panic attack, this is interesting, I must have been thinking negatively, I’m grateful to my body for alerting me to this fact.  I welcome this feeling and know it’ll pass soon now I’ve got the message.  So bring it on and let’s see how bad it can get.  I accept what’s happening to me, I know I’m safe, God is with me.”

Make up your own words by just saying what comes into your mind.  Remember to be loving, treat the panic attack like a friend and love it no matter what.  I promise you that these techniques work and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Christine Wesson

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