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EFT For Fear Of Needles

How Can You Benefit From Using EFT for Fear Of Needles?

eft for fear of needlesEFT Emotional Freedom Technique is an energy therapy and has been proved highly effective when used to overcome fears and phobias of all kinds.  Using EFT for fear of needles works because, fear of needles is an emotional problem and EFT is short for Emotional Freedom Technique.  If you are ready to deal with your problem and overcome it, you can do it with EFT.

Does the thought of having an injection leave you scared and anxious?  Do you put off having essential medical or dental treatment because of your fear?   Are you scared to have the injection and scared not to?  Would you like help to overcome your Needle Phobia?

If so, you have definitely come to the right place as with the right tools and techniques needle phobia can be overcome swiftly and effectively.  We use a combination of EFT for fear of needles, and Metaphysical (mind) techniques that have been proven to work in 90% of cases.

Over 90% of all behavior is habitual and all habits were begun from a belief that what you were doing was helping you in some way.  Your needle phobia may have begun in childhood, or at any time after, and was a result of a traumatic incident involving needles or injections.

You may or may not remember the incident and in fact you may not have experienced the actual trauma personally.  It’s possible to become so frightened by watching someone else suffer that we take on their fears.  The fear can also be installed while watching an incident in a film or even by hearing someones terrifying account.

Everyone’s fear of needles was installed uniquely yet all minds work alike and EFT for fear of needles, can overcome your personal fears as quickly as the next persons.  EFT is a highly effective method for successfully treating Needle Phobia.  Your therapist understands exactly how the mind works and how phobias are created and maintained and therefore can help you overcome your Needle Phobia quickly.

EFT for Fear of Needles

EFT works!  It’s as simple as that.  This is an energy Universe, you are an energy being and EFT is an energy therapy.  Conventional medicine only serves to mask the symptoms but the symptoms will not go away until the underlying cause is removed.

EFT is dubbed Acupuncture for the emotions and the techniques we can use can have an amazing affect on fear of needles.  Your fear comes from a memory; from an initial event that scared, frightened and in all probability hurt you.  No wonder you fear undergoing the same thing again.  It’s natural that you will shy away from being hurt again, its human to act the way you do.

However, many procedures require injections and the original fear has to be overcome if you are to accept the procedure with a calm and relaxed body and mind.  EFT can help you to do it as it’s helped many others.

Emotional Freedom Technique is:

  • The Tapping Technique that has been proven to overcome phobias in 90% of cases
  • A method of healing that often works where other methods have failed
  • So easy the after a session or two you can use it on yourself at home
  • A way of re-programming your mind to adopt a different attitude to your problem
  • A highly effective method of change

EFT has spread worldwide it’s conception and more and more professionals are  using it alongside their regular therapies with clients. It’s so easy and so effective that those who don’t know it or use it are behind the times.

It’s so easy to learn EFT that a basic one day course will give you all the grounding you need to use EFT effectively.  With a basic knowledge of EFT you could successfully overcome many of your own issues and those of family and friends.  Imagine that?  Having a healing modality at your fingertips that can help you and your loved ones to overcome around 70% of headaches, fears, phobias, nerves and stress.

EFT can even be used on babies and children of all ages, on the elderly and on family pets and livestock.  The list of uses for EFT is endless and this website only lists a few of them.  EFT is 100% safe to use; as safe as patting a loved one’s back to make them feel better.

Emotional Freedom Technique is used in the sports and athletics field, by sports psychologists, coaches and trainers.  It is taught to top sportsmen who use it to relieve stress and boost sports performance.

EFT can also be used to:

Whatever the problem is EFT Emotional Freedom Technique can alleviate the symptoms quickly and easily thereby allowing you to gain your equilibrium and be free from fears, phobias, and negative feelings like guilt, blame, anger, depression, sadness and grief to name but a few.

Unlike hypnosis EFT is highly effective by phone and EFT therapists work over the phone helping people all over the world. Find out more about Telephone Therapy Sessions

Telephone Therapy
Telephone Therapy
For one to one sessions of EFT click here

Why not learn EFT and use it on family friends and self. To check out the next workshops see below.

Level 1 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Training…..An introduction to EFT Workshop. Suitable for people interested in self development and also those who would like to begin to train as an EFT therapist. No prior knowledge of EFT is required to attend this course.


Level 2 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Training….A two day therapist’s training course, which aims to take the student to a level of competency required to work with clients. This training is principally for people who would like to use EFT to work with other people. The pre-requisites for attending is a Level 1 certificate.


Level 3 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Training…..An introduction to EFT Workshop. Suitable for people interested in self development and also those who would like to begin to train as an EFT therapist. No prior knowledge of EFT is required to attend this course.


Emotional Freedom Technique Mentoring/Supervision Workshop…..Workshops designed to help practitioners to develop more confidence in the art of delivery of EFT. There will be time to discuss difficult cases, to work on your own issues and those of others in the group. You’ll have a chance to ask and answer questions, try out new techniques and receive feedback.


EFT Monthly Practice Group – First Monday of the Month In LittlehamptonThe EFT practice group meets in Littlehampton on the first Monday of every month. Meeting with like-minded people once a month gives an enormous boost and can help people to overcome blocks and problems. EFT is an amazing healing tool.


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Here’s what Carol J said after an EFT session in Chichester:

I was a skeptic until EFT stopped my Panic Attack within minutes. It’s amazing. I can’t thank you enough.

And Marie, an EFT telephone client from Dartford in Kent:

Hi Christine,

thank you for the session I felt so up afterwards and my whole self is feeling better. I’m tapping through the scripts you sent me and it’s making such a difference. I can’t understand why nobody’s heard of this.

Thanks Janice

And Susan from County Cork in Ireland said:

Dear Christine,

“What a difference EFT is making and I did it on my husband and my dog and both worked. I might become a therapist.” Haha.

Susan O’Donnel