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The Universal Law of Allowing

The Universal ‘Law of Allowing’ states:

All good things will be ours when we allow them. The Universe/God is forever giving and the only thing standing between you and all goodness is you. You may have noticed how much of the Universe you are in resistance to. As you look around how much can you accept unconditionally? And how much would you change to fit in with your beliefs if you could?

The Universal Law of Allowing

There are two ways to think of this Law and the first way is to allow others, circumstances and things to be as they are. The second way is to allow ourselves to receive all that we desire from the Universe. While applying this Law your truth will be, “I allow others to be as they are, while I am that which I am.” We are all of us expressing God and God wants to express Himself in myriads of ways, we only have to look at nature to see that.

If everyone was like you there would be no diversity in the world. Imagine one tree, the mighty oak who declared himself the only true version of a tree and one flower, the rose perhaps, in all its glory but with nothing to compare itself against. Then, how about one person? What if the world was filled with billions upon billions of you or me? It’s a scary concept isn’t it?

Thinking that others should think like, act like or be like you will take you out of alignment with the ‘Law of Allowing’ Needing everyone to conform comes from a deep rooted sense of fear as we feel if everyone is like us we are safe while if others are unlike us we don’t know if we can trust them. It is this kind of thinking, taken to its extreme that creates wars and genocide.

Furthermore, focus on the faults of others or on the things you don’t like means that you are consciously drawing that experience into your life. It’s impossible not to, as whatever we focus upon we create more of. This whole Universe is created by the focus of thoughts on certain things. We have created everything bad as well as everything good.

If you focus on the youths that litter the square, you are responsible for the littering. If you notice obesity all around and are critical of it don’t be surprised if you find yourself becoming overweight too. We tend to criticise others in the hope that they will change when all we do is make the situation worse. Then we find ourselves emitting the energy of resistance and while emitting the frequency of resistance we cannot be in a state of allowing.

The Universal Law of Allowing

When we are critical of others and things and situations the goodness that is our by Divine right cannot get to us. It cannot get through the frequency of resistance. That would be like being tuned in to radio 259 (the resistance channel) and expecting to receive the broadcast from radio 77 (the abundance channel).

Resistance is a negative emotion and allowing is a positive vibration. You may want to close your eyes now and feel the difference in the two as you say them. If you’ve got into the habit of resisting everything you may have to practice allowing but it’s definitely worth it as your life could change dramatically if and when you do.

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