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The Power of Intention

There is huge power in intention.  Every single thing you do has intention in it and the results you get from every endeavor depend on the intention you put in before you start it.

Your intentions go out into the Universe and are returned to you by ‘The Law of Attraction.’  Here are some examples of how the power of intention works.

Imagine waking up on a morning, as some people do, and heaving a big sigh.  You didn’t even say a word but your intention was, “Just give me another crappy day like yesterday.”

Wow, that was a good one and you haven’t even got out of bed yet.

If there’s a phone call you’re not looking forward to making, your intention is, “This is going to be difficult.”

What about those jobs around the house that you’ve been putting off for ages?  If you aren’t looking forward to them the same thing applies, you’re intending them to be hard.

Imagine if you are planning on going out at the weekend with some good friends and you are really looking forward to it?  Your intention is that you will have a good time.

Someone told me recently that she hated parties. She said she’d always felt the same and that apart from one particular occasion she’d spent her lifetime being thoroughly bored at every party she attended.

This meant that every time she was invited to a party her intention was, “I’m not going to enjoy this, I’ll be bored and feel left out,” and she fulfilled her intention every time.

I explained to her that she must have picked up this belief somewhere in childhood, although she couldn’t remember when, and that she could change right now by intending to enjoy herself the very next time she was invited to a ‘do.’

How about when you go on a diet or join your local weightwatchers class and you think to yourself, “This is going to be hard work.”  Believe me, with that thought, it will be just that.

Intention and beliefs often go hand in hand and give you back exactly what you are planning for.

Change your intention and change the results you get from anything.

Love Christine

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