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The Power in Words

Strong and Weak

You can demonstarte the power of words to make you either strong or weak with your friends.

Get a bunch of your friends together and give half of them the word ‘strong’ and ask them to repeat it over and over and really feel it within their body.   Tell them to think the word power for thirty seconds, repeating the word every two or three seconds.

To see the word in their mind’s eye and beginning with a diminished image start to enhance it.   Then to enlarge the word so that they can see it in huge letters on the side of a mountain and at the same time, hear the word spoken, becoming louder and louder.   They should mentally shout out the word power, while feeling themselves becoming more powerful as they do so.

Give the other half of your friends the word ‘weak’ and get them to follow the same instructions.  After five minutes ask all of them to hold their right arms straight out and away from their bodies.

Now test their arms for strength by having either you or someone press down on them.  People often gasp in astonishment and amusement as they realize that something unusual has taken place.  All those who were told to repeat the power word “strong”  will have their right arms extended and those who repeated the word “weak” will be looking kind of sheepish, with their right arms loosely dangling at their sides. The power words used have weakened those who thought weak and strengthened those who thought “strong.”

A muscular, healthy, bull of a man, believing that for some reason he is weak due to an imagined problem or that someone he is going to meet is stronger than he, will in fact be weakened. This has been proven many times in the professional arenas of the world, especially with boxers who attempt to “spook” or weaken their opponents with words of power for themselves and weakness for their opponent. The same effect is seen in the home-team advantage that has been well documented over the years in every high school, college, and professional stadium in the world.

When you get thousands of people together thinking of their man, woman, or team winning, those thoughts generate a feeling of power in the team members. The home-team advantage is enhanced even more when all the spectators use the same word, as they do when chanting the name of a favorite player.

You can use the technique of power words to create an immediate change in your actions. Whether it involves a change from cowardice to courage, procrastination to motivation, or lethargy to activity, there is a word for you.

Say that you wish to do something now that you have been putting off. Create a mental image of yourself doing this thing. You can add to the technique by brightening the image and then enlarging and zooming in on it. Once you have a clear image in your mind repeat the appropriate power word, in this case “energize.”

Repeat the word over and over while holding the image of the thing you wish to do. You will find your energy building to the stage where you will in fact energize yourself to do it. There are many words that you can use as power words. Strength, health, beware, handsome, beautiful, strong, powerful, courageous, fearless, thin, relaxed, successful, effective, attract, repel, creative, are but a handful.

See how many more you can think of that would be useful to you. Understand that you are in control, and that one of the tools of that control is the directed use of the power word. You can change, by degrees, from weak to strong, from fearful to courageous, from fat to thin, from putting things off to getting them done, and from failure to success in any goal you direct the powerful force of your mind to achieve.