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The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states:

Thoughts are things and whatever you think about you attract into your life. This is an energy Universe and we are energy beings. Your thoughts are energy and whatever you focus on and give energy to will increase. It doesn’t matter whether you really want illness, lack, bankruptcy, unhappiness or loneliness if you think about it you’ll get it.

This Law is as exact as the ‘Law of Gravity.’ The ‘Law of Gravity’ is not being unkind or vindictive when it kills the person who walks off the top of the mountain; it is just being the ‘Law of Gravity.’ How strange it would be to hear the news announcer declare, “Today the ‘Law of Gravity’ killed someone in the Lake District.” We don’t blame the ‘Law of Gravity,’ instead we respect it.

The ‘Law of Attraction’ is the same. Respect it and work with it and life will be good but work against it and you’ll have problems. So, because it can only give you what you focus on, if you think about being broke, poor, sick, unlucky or worn out that is exactly what you’ll be. This Law applies to your life and every other person’s life on the planet. Like all Universal Laws, it is impartial and impersonal, which means it does what it does regardless of whether you are talking about what you want or what you don’t want.

Everything comes to us through the most fundamental law of physics – Like Attracts Like! Like Attracts Like is the ‘Law of Attraction.’ It is absolute and unerring and it has nothing to do with your personality, your upbringing, your religious beliefs or your inherent goodness or badness in this life or any life. No one lives beyond this Law.

If Mother Teresa had gotten too close to the edge of a mountain the ‘Law of Gravity’ would not change for her even though she was goodness personified. All Universal Laws are unquestionable and unchanging. The rain falls on the good and on the wicked alike.

All Universal Laws are Principles and Principles are eternal Truths. A Principle is the same from the beginning of time until the end of time. Mathematics’ is a Principle and two and two have always made four, right from the beginning and even when there was no-one to count and no-one who could count. Two dinosaurs plus two more dinosaurs made four even way back then.

Love is a Principle, it has always existed, it is not man made, it is eternal and should man disappear from existence right now Love would remain. The following things are also Principles; Joy, Happiness, Abundance, Harmony, Peace, Radiance, Light, Glory, Magnificence, Growth, Life and Exuberance to name a few.

Negatives or problems are man-made and will die along with man. No matter what your problems are or how bad they seem they will die when you do. Someone else may have similar problems but your particular problems will expire when you do and that’s because they depend on you to keep them active and alive. When you withdraw your energy from them they cannot exist anymore yet Principles go on forever.

Learning about this Law, how it works and how to work with it is the key to happiness. It is literally possible to restructure your whole life.  The Law of Attraction, like the Law of Gravity, is always in action, you cannot not use it.  Learn how to use it correctly and anything is possible.

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