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Body Code, Emotion Code & Heart Wall Removal

Dr Bradley Nelson – Body Code, Emotion Code & Heart Wall Removal


The Body Code by Bradley Nelson incorporates the Emotion Code, and is also used for Heart Wall Removal.  Let’s look at each and find out how they can help you.

The Emotion Code:  The Emotion Code is used to determine what trapped emotions could be causing, or creating, any imbalances we are experiencing in our physical bodies and in our affairs.  Affairs include financial, relationships, spiritual and emotional.  Trapped emotions could be behind a lack of success, both in our working lives and in our relations.

The things that were said to us, and about us, as children have a lasting effect on us and can mean we never reach our potential.  We can use the Emotion Code to find what happened, when it happened and which emotions were trapped at the time of the incident.  Then, amazingly we can remove them.  Then, the removal of the impediment to healing, success, happy relationship and the realization of our dreams has a much better chance of becoming a reality.

The Emotion Code

Have you ever wondered why, all of your relationships turn sour, or why you never get what you want, while others do?  Do you sabotage your best efforts, continually falling off the wagon, and do you believe, it’s just the way you are, that you lack willpower?  Maybe that’s not the case, maybe a childhood incident affected you and led you to believe that you would never prosper, or never be happy; sometimes we curse ourselves without realizing we’ve done it.

In the past, the majority of us had to live with whatever occurred in childhood, there didn’t seem anything we could do about it.  Most people thought that was just the way it was, this child was shy, and that one outgoing.  It was thought that some kids were born to succeed and some weren’t.  However, none of that was true; we were all born with the same potential.  At birth we had everything we could ever need to live a fantastic life, a life of our own choosing.  We had enough confidence and belief in ourselves and our own abilities to tackle and be successful at absolutely anything.  We loved ourselves unconditionally, we were intelligent beyond measure and we were capable of anything.  What happened?  Life happened, and as childhood progressed we stopped believing in ourselves and came to believe what the world was telling us.

Body Code, Emotion Code & Heart Wall Removal

However, those wonderful attributes weren’t lost, that would be an impossibility,  they merely got covered over.  Deep at the core of you, you are still that spiritual person, who is capable of being, doing, or having whatever would make you happy.  Our main job in this life is to first recognize that we are being held back, desire to change, let go of whatever it is that is doing the holding back and accept and embrace our new (old) self.

The Emotion Code, Body Code and Heart Wall Removal is the only tool capable of getting to the root cause and uprooting the problem from there.  Click Here to find out what The Emotion Code can help you with.

Heart Wall Removal

A Heart Wall is created when emotions get trapped around the heart.  They usually occur when we get hurt, rejected, neglected or pushed aside.  The emotions can be of any kind; they can be prenatal, pre-conception, inherited, from a past life or an accumulation of collected hurts from this life.  Nevertheless they form a wall around the heart which can be very thick.  The main purpose of the wall is to prevent us getting hurt again, but while it may be effective at keeping hurt out, it is also very effective at keeping love out too.

Imagine, you meet someone, someone who could be a potential partner but your heart wall and it’s trapped emotions are super vigilant to potential hurt.  This means that you are looking for, and finding, reasons why not to let this person in, instead of allowing attraction to happen.  No wonder, your relationships are either short lived, or even non existent.

Getting rid of the impediments to allowing love in, does not leave you open to attracting the wrong person, someone who will hurt you all over again.   That’s the kind of relationship you attract when your heart wall is intact and you let it down a little, proving to you, of course, that your belief about men/women is correct.  Understand that you came here to be love, to be in love, and to live in harmonious relationships, inside and outside of the home.  That was your birthright and when you dissemble your Heart Wall, you will be able to trust, more and attract the right people to live in harmony with.   Heart Wall Removal can usually be dealt with in three 40 – 60 minute sessions.  Paid individually the cost is £97 per hour.  Booked in a block of three the cost drops to £180 inclusive.    Ring me on 01243 699646 or 07747 865982 to book  Read more about the Heart Wall Here.

The Body Code

While the other two methods of emotion removal are fantastic, The Body Code is the jewel in the crown.  It incorporates The Emotion Code and the Heart Wall Removal and takes the ability to heal to a new level.  This modality can be used to find allergies, post traumatic events, physical traumas and imbalanced Chakras.  It can be used to locate, imbalanced organs, misalignment’s, pathogens, and toxicity to absolutely anything.

The Body Code can be used to find the root causes of depression and all mental unbalances including addictions of all kinds.  One of it’s uses is to detect negative entities which often cause illness, addiction and can eventually lead to suicidal tendencies.  Follow this link to find out more about entity removal.

Check out the Body Code Here.